Elie Wiesel Says ‘Jerusalem Has to Be Above Politics’, But He’s the Advisory Chair of Elad…

And Elad is all about politics and nothing but.  Which fact nicely illustrates the ambiguity of archaeology in Jerusalem.  It’s politically motivated in so many respects and the very people who should be unbiased quest-ers for the truth are oftentimes ‘in bed’ with funding organizations which don’t even attempt to hide their political goals.

The Christian Century has a very nicely written piece today on the politics of archaeology in Jerusalem.  The opening paragraph-

In Israel, archaeology is followed with the same passion that soccer excites in other countries. That’s because archaeological findings—especially ones that reveal Jews’ ancient attachment to the land—have political meaning. As Israelis see it, such findings show that this is their land and no one can take it from them.

Do enjoy.