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This Is Why I’m Not Really a Fan of Most People

I can imagine her ‘apology’… “I’m sorry, person I stole from, but I wanted my kids to understand the real meaning of Jesus’s birth so I did it so they would have some trinket or other under the tree because … Continue reading

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There’s Something Really Terribly Wrong With Some People

What kind of person writes to someone they don’t even know the most scurrilous and disturbing racist garbage?  Candida wrote a sensible piece for CNN and some less than intelligent racist who works for AIG responds like that????  Someone needs … Continue reading

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America, We Are Better Than This: And We Are All Complicit Because of Our Silence

The Senate report on CIA activity should bring a sense of shame to all of us.  And so should our own willingness to accept governmental intrusions in the name of ‘national security’ and the perpetration of acts of inhuman brutality. … Continue reading

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Two Cops In Ohio ‘Hate N**gers’

And they have only been suspended and not fired. Two Ohio police officers were suspended this week after racist texts allegedly exchanged between the two men were made public. CaptainThomas Flanders and Detective Michael Sollenberger are on paid leave amid … Continue reading

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Because- America is a Place Where Suing is the New Tyranny

A superior court has ordered a Maine school district to pay $75,000 to the attorneys of a male student who identifies as a female after it was declared that officials discriminated against him by denying the use of the girls’ restroom.  As previously reported, … Continue reading

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He Killed Her. He Set her on Fire. Because She Wouldn’t Abort the Baby…

And then he asked the judge to sentence him to some sort of community service… A New York man has been convicted of second degree murder after he allegedly admitted to killing his teenage girlfriend because she told him that … Continue reading

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Ms Lauten Needs to be Fired- Today

No matter what you think of the President, or any politician, their children are OFF LIMITS when it comes to criticism. A Tennessee congressman’s head of communications was under fire Saturday after scolding President Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia on … Continue reading

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