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Soon Enough Polygamy Will Be Legal in this Country

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After all, if gay marriage is, why shouldn’t polygamy be?  And there are slippery slope deniers.  Fools.

A federal judge appointed by George W. Bush has issued his final order striking down key parts of Utah’s ban on polygamous cohabitation as unconstitutional, while leaving intact the state prohibition against bigamy.

Soon enough… soon enough.

As previously reported, Kody Brown of the TLC reality show Sister Wives, along with his four “wives,” Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, filed suit in 2011 to challenge parts of the law that they claimed violated their privacy rights.

Then in due time beastiality and pedophilia will be legitimized by law because there really is such a thing as a slippery slope and no matter what its deniers declare, if any kind of marriage is constitutional, every kind of marriage is constitutional (sooner or later).

It exceeds credulity for any sensible person to believe that now that the door is open it isn’t open to everyone and everything.

Written by Jim

August 30, 2014 at 19:29

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Richard Dawkins: Brainless at Theology and Worse at “Ethics”

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In his latest attempt to prove himself completely worthless (why does he continue to try- he has already proven the fact), Dawkins suggests that parents of Down Syndrome babies ought to abort them and ‘try again’.

One of the most delightful young people I know suffers the affliction of Down Syndrome- and I can’t imagine how empty the lives of his family and friends would be without him. Dawkins is a vile imbecile.


As bad as Dawkins are the miscreants who actually favorited his bilge.  Dawkins doubtless would have been happily at home in one of Hitler’s research facilities, at Auschwitz for instance, experimenting on people.  Because he sounds exactly like they did.  And he’s just as perverse and totally depraved.

Written by Jim

August 20, 2014 at 13:31

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America’s ‘Finest’? Not This Time. Despicable Police Behavior in #Ferguson Continues Apace

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I’ve always been supportive of the Police.  They have a tough job, which I thoroughly understand given that I served in the Army as an MP.  Normally policemen and women have my unwavering respect.  But not now, not in Ferguson Missouri.  There, they’ve become a jack-booted gang of thugs.

It’s not every day that a police officer tells you he’s going to bust your head open.

The most exasperating thing about almost being arrested near Ferguson, Mo., for doing my job as a journalist – reporting on tensions among citizens and law enforcement here – was my complete inability to fight back against what was an obvious abuse of police authority.

The incident began on Thursday night when Jung Park, America Tonight’s director of photography, anchor Joie Chen and I hopped in a taxi to interview Umar Lee, a cab driver and columnist who knows the racial history of north St. Louis County, which has become the focus of worldwide media attention.

As we drove near Ferguson’s border with the neighboring town of Kinloch, JP was recording Lee, while I was recording Joie. When the interview was over, we got out of the cab to record a shot of it driving by.

Two Kinloch officers in a patrol car stopped and asked what we were doing. I identified JP and myself as a cameraman and producer working for Al Jazeera America for the show America Tonight. The officer who was driving told us to leave the area. When we asked why, he only said that it wasn’t safe to be there and we had to leave. Puzzled, we got in the cab and did as requested. A little further down the road, we saw a sign that JP wanted to shoot for our story, so we stopped and again got out.

Then the journalist relates-

Officer 1 [Holding my arm]: Don’t resist. I’ll bust your ass. I’ll bust your head right here.

Me: [To JP] Are you filming this?

Officer 1: Film it! I don’t give a sh*t. Because you’ll go, and I’ll sure confiscate your film for evidence.

JP: No, what I’m saying is …

Officer 1: I’m asking you to leave!

Officer 2: Go now, or you get locked up!

Officer 1: That’s it.

The officer eventually dropped my arm, and we got in the cab and left. I was mostly bemused by the encounter. Why would an officer so blatantly threaten a journalist for doing his job while cameras were rolling?

Read the whole and then ask yourself who these Cops think they are and, if they previously deserved the benefit of the doubt in this whole sorry episode, do this and similar events like it shed light on the mentality of the police there in Missouri and could the same mentality have been operative in the officer who killed Mr Brown.

If this is how cops act there, small wonder the entire community is fed up.

Written by Jim

August 20, 2014 at 12:05

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Netanyahu: War Lover

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This revelation exposes the true character of Benjamin Netanyahu:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tried last week to hide from cabinet ministers the draft of a cease-fire agreement drawn up by Egypt. A senior Israeli official said that during last Thursday evening’s cabinet meeting, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman confronted Netanyahu, showing him the copy of the Egyptian proposal that he, Lieberman, had received, and demanded an explanation.

The Israeli official said Lieberman surprised Netanyahu with this revelation. This was the first that the other cabinet ministers had heard that Israel had received a draft cease-fire agreement from the Egyptians, and they demanded copies of their own so they could review it.

A stormy atmosphere ensued and Netanyahu found himself on the defensive. The official said Netanyahu told the cabinet members that it was only a proposal, one of many that had been updated again and again in previous days.

He loves war.  He wishes more of it.  The more Palestinians he can kill, the happier he will be.  The true character of a person is revealed in the secrets that they keep.

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August 18, 2014 at 18:15

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Booze is Just Suicide in a Bottle

But if there’s a profit to be made from it- then sell it they will-


via the twitter

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August 17, 2014 at 18:04

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Semitic Antisemitism: Lehava

An op- ed in Ha’aretz nails it.

To disrupt a wedding celebration and spoil the joy of two young people joining their lives together, one needs a very good reason. Racism clearly does not qualify.

There’s an easy way for even the most tribal and anti-assimilationist Jew to grasp the utter acceptability of the behavior of the controversial Israeli organization Lehava. The group put out a public call for demonstrators to disrupt the scheduled wedding party of a young Jaffa couple — Mahmoud Mansour and Morel Malka- a Muslim man and a Jewish woman who converted to Islam for her marriage – telling them to bring signs and loudspeakers to register their disapproval.

All one needs to do is imagine how Jews around the world would react if something similar took place in Europe – let’s say, in Germany. What if a neo-Nazi group took to Facebook to assemble crowds to wave signs and scream slogans to disturb a party celebrating the union of a Jewish man and a bride who had converted to Judaism and send a message that their union is an “abomination?”

No matter what one’s personal opinion is on conversion or intermarriage, such ugliness is both vile and dangerous.

Read the whole disturbing piece and then ask yourself who really is an antisemite: someone who protests Israeli government policy (no) or a racist organization which spews hatred at Jews (yes).  And then ask yourself why the majority of Jews are silent about the latter and ultra-vocal about the former.

Written by Jim

August 17, 2014 at 15:54

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The Swedes and their ‘Squeeze Bacon’… Gross

Via the Swedish Canary on the twitter


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August 16, 2014 at 11:59

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