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Nope, And Not Even Really a Decent Try… This Week’s Dilly Winner

The ‘Seven Spirits’ of God as referenced only in the Book of Revelation have absolutely NOTHING to do with what you think they do.  Please, leave interpretation of Scripture alone. Here’s your Dilly…

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Dilettante of The Year

That’s lunacy. It’s both historically ignorant and, worse, it implies that no one but English speakers have a real Bible. Utter nonsense and, frankly, demonic. This is this year’s dilettante.

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Dearest Biblical Studies and Theological Dilettantes…

Just because you are free to be wrong doesn’t mean you should exercise that freedom.

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When You’re Too Lazy To Read the Text…

Just leave it alone.  Don’t try to make it up. Nope, not even remotely close.  Here’s what Prov 11:27 actually says.  Whoever strives for good obtains favour, whoever looks for evil will get an evil return. Dilettantes- kindly find a … Continue reading

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The Daily Mail Thinks Jesus Fed 5000 in a Church…

This is why journalists should never talk about the Bible without consulting a biblical scholar. Church where Jesus is believed to have performed the miracle of feeding the 5,000 is daubed with graffiti and set on fire in an arson … Continue reading

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When a Dilettante Teaches at a Seminary

This is what happens: This is what it looks like when a dilettante pretends to be an exegete.  The text is misrepresented in order to preserve an ideological viewpoint. Remember, just because a guy teaches at a Seminary doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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Pentebabbleist the Fireman Pseudo-prophet At it Again With his Nutbag Ramblings

As time goes on, Mark Taylor‘s prophecies are getting increasingly incoherent. It’s almost as if he needs to convolute his prophecies more and more so it’s more difficult to point out the fact that they never come true. Either way, we … Continue reading

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Wrong For Every Reason- So Here’s Your Dilly

There’s no such word in Greek. The dimwit has just transliterated what he thinks a Greek letter signifies into an English equivalent. He actually thinks psi = y. Dilettante ignoramus. No, it means you don’t know anything about Greek.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Dilly, Joe

Joe is what happens when ignorant dilettantism meets biblical proclamation.  So, in recognition of your utter unsuitedness to any sort of pastoral task, here’s your Dilly, Joe!

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What it Looks Like When False Teachers Talk About Theology

Instead of being accurate, they prefer to be crass and imbecilic.  If you’re unsure of why the ELCA is dying, look no further.  Bolz-Weber and her ilk are killing it off as fast as they can.

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More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: ‘Educated Women Make Terrible Wives and Mothers’

Pentebabbleists gonna babble I reckon. GOP Rep. Sean Duffy announced he’s resigning from Congress because his wife, Fox News commentator Rachel Campos-Duffy is pregnant with their ninth child — a child who will likely have to undergo heart surgery soon … Continue reading

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Those Who Know The Least…

The New York Times reports Those with the least understanding of science oppose it the most and also think they know the most, a study showed. In related news, those who know the least about the Bible and theology also … Continue reading

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‘Rebar Bender’…

That has to be the best term to describe the self appointed untrained ‘experts’ that inhabit the internet that I have ever seen.  I expect to be using it rather a lot, interchangeably with dilettante.   Thank you, The Onion.

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Don’t Do This, Publishers…

It just makes you look stupid.  That’s not Greek or English and those Greek letters spell nothing.  I realize you want it to look eye catching, and it is.  But for all the wrong reasons.  So stop it.

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Eric Metaxas Thinks God Uses Mass Shootings to Call People to Repentance

Eric Metaxas is what happens when a dilettante with an audience he doesn’t deserve opines on theological matters he doesn’t understand. Every mass shooting seems to brings out conservative Christians eager to outdo their colleagues in the contest of who … Continue reading

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Barton Swaim is Why People Who Aren’t Biblical Scholars Shouldn’t Talk About the Bible or Biblical Scholarship

His ‘review’ of John Barton’s magnificent book is the sort of garbage that one expects of a dilettante who knows absolutely NOTHING about the field.  His assessment of Barton’s latest book is puerile and juvenile.  It’s as though he has … Continue reading

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This Week’s Dilly Winner

No you aren’t.  No he isn’t.  So here’s your Dilly!

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Quote of the Day

Dr Michael J. Svigel  –  Eschatology 101: “Nobody knows the day or the hour. Except that guy with no formal training and a lame website. Besides him, nobody knows.”

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Dilly Award – the Dilettantish Publisher Edition

There’s so much wrong here, and they don’t even know it.  First of all, The Geneva Bible of 1599 is a revision of the 1564 edition.  Second, Luther had nothing to do with it.  Third, there’s no such thing as … Continue reading

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