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Leading Jihadists are Scientists, Not Islamic Scholars

Let that soak in a bit, and then come to terms with the fact that dilettantes are the greatest threat to the world.

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You Aren’t a Biblical Scholar Just Because You Call Yourself One

In fact, you’re a dilettante if you call yourself one and you aren’t. He’s not a member of SBL or ETS.  He doesn’t belong to SOTS or BNTS or any academic society.  He hasn’t published anything that looks even remotely … Continue reading

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The Most Deserving Dilly Award Winners Ever

One East Texas man believes he found fossils from Noah’s flood and a self-proclaimed fossil expert says he’s right.  “From Noah’s flood to my front yard, how much better can it get,” Wayne Propst said. Propst is stunned. He was … Continue reading

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I Should Know Better…

Than to read comments about things posted on the ‘Bible Museum’ facebook page.  But when they posted a letter of Luther’s I thought ‘I have time, I’ll just read the first comment…’  Big mistake.  It’s the one by the guy … Continue reading

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Another Unhinged Republican- From New Hampshire: This Week’s Dilly Winner

A New Hampshire state representative came to the defense of fellow Republican Donald Trump last week, declaring that Pope Francis is the Anti-Christ.  Republican state Rep. Susan DeLemus, who once claimed Donald Trump is the only politician she believes in, responded … Continue reading

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Dilly of the Week Winner: Malcolm Gladwell

There’s nothing quite as enthralling as a biblical studies dilettante telling us what the bible means.  It’s as awesome as going to your witchdoctor in search of a cure for your brain tumor.  And it works out just as well. … Continue reading

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Sarah Silverman is An Imbecile, And This Week’s Winner of the Dilly

It’s been a good while since I’ve seen this sort of dilettantish ignorance on display but here it shines brightly in the stupidity and imbecilidity of one Sarah Silverman, actress: Her claim is made without so much as a sliver … Continue reading

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