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Parents, Keep Your Kids out of the Video Section of Your Local ‘Christian Bookstore’

There’s nothing good there.  Nothing.

It doesn’t even make sense.  He has crosses for arms, not Christ.  And what’s up with the bean tossing?   Maybe they were trying to give him dinner and he couldn’t catch it because he has crosses for arms and no one has that anyway.

Parents, keep your kids away from this utter rubbish.

Rick Wiles: Covid Vaccines Implant an Egg That Hatches in Your Body… More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

This guy is a nut.

End Times conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles claims that COVID-19 vaccines contain “an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body.”

Sorry, but if you believe that, you’re a nut too.  It’s just more pentebabbleist nutbaggery.  There’s nothing of Christianity in any of this lunacy.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery


The Craziest Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery Yet: Drinking Coffee Damns You and your Family…

This woman should most definitely keep silent in the church.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

To Me, Pentebabbleism Is The Mark of the Beast

And arch-heretic Kenneth ‘I Drank my Own Blood for The Lord’s Supper’ Copeland is the chief demon of pentebabbleism.

You Aren’t Jesus

James Sakara, the pastor of a Zambian Christian church, was found dead after asking to be buried alive in the ground so he could come back to life in three days’ time, like Jesus…

To say that 22-year-old Sakara was overconfident in his ability to emulate the resurrection of Jesus Christ would be an understatement.

But you are crazy.

Be that as it may, the pastor of the Zion Church in the Zambian town of Chidiza managed to convince his congregation that he could in fact come back to life after three days, just like the Son of God.

No theologians were on the premises.

He somehow got three members of his Church to assist him by digging a shallow grave, tying up his hands, and burying him alive, only instead of coming back to life after three days, Sakara was found dead by members of the Zion Church curious to see why their leader hadn’t fulfilled his promise.

Curious were they….

Reminder, friends, you aren’t Jesus.

Greg Locke is a Servant of Satan

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Theology From D-List TV Personalities

1- They’re lousy theologians.

2- They are untrained and ignorant.

And 3- They’re just nasty.

Candace Cameron Bure is clearing the air after sharing a video about her faith that some found offensive.  The “Fuller House” star, 45, recently shared a TikTok video of herself leaning toward the camera while mouthing the lyrics to the Lana Del Rey song “Jealous Girl.” Near the end of the video, she shows off a copy of the Bible.

“When they don’t know the power of the Holy Spirit,” she wrote in the caption.  She faced backlash after posting the clip on both TikTok and Instagram, with some people saying her video was too “seductive.”

“The Holy Spirit isn’t seductive. What is this??” one person commented on TikTok.

“Sensualizing your belief in the Holy Spirit? Kinda missing the mark here,” another person wrote.

“The song doesn’t match the Bible.. It’s seductive .. but at least she is bold in showing her Bible,” another person commented.

Bure later deleted the video from her Instagram page, while leaving it up on TikTok, and shared a lengthy video apology in her Instagram story.

Just say no to ignorant celeb-pseudo theologians.

Pentebabbleist Heretic Tweet

This guy is a ‘Pentecostal’ ‘worship leader’.  I don’t what kind of Unitarian Universalist ‘church’ calls itself ‘Pentecostal’ but that’s what kind of ‘church’ this guy must ‘serve’.

He is wrong on every point.  Every point.  So naturally Twitter has given him a blue check.

If he were at my Church he wouldn’t have a job.

Paula White and More of Her Terrible, Awful, Biblically Empty, Theologically Inappropriate, Bad Advice

Paula says…

Meanwhile, the Bible says…

‘The heart is more devious than any other thing, and is depraved; who can pierce its secrets? (Jer. 17:9)

So if you take Paula’s very bad advice, you only find yourself ruined. Don’t be like Paula. Don’t follow your heart.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

Give this little sad tale about Pentebabbleist ‘prophet’ Robert Sanchez’s assault of a person a read.

Here’s a Woman That Should Keep Silent in the Church

And out of it. Her claim is a lie throughout.

Absolute Theological Garbage

Zondervan is what happens when an Australian far right media mogul buys a publishing company: it produces absolute theological garbage.

Zondervan, a giant in Bible publishing, has agreed to license a “God Bless the USA Bible” that includes America’s founding documents and will ship to customers this September to mark 20 years after 9/11, according to the Bible’s Tennessee-based seller.

In its last pages, the custom Bible pre-selling for $49.99 includes the full texts of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and pledge of allegiance. The holy book also includes licensed lyrics to the popular 1984 song by country music singer-songwriter Lee Greenwood, “God Bless the USA.” The song has a long history. It rose in prominence after the Gulf War and again after 9/11 in 2001. More recently it became known as the chorus for Trump rallies, but many artists have performed their own versions, including Dolly Parton and Beyoncé.


Pure Trash

Don’t get your interpretation of the Bible from dilettantes.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

This isn’t Christianity it’s paganism and magic-ism.

Pentebabbleist Backpeddling

Read all about it….

“After an embarrassing number of wrong prophecies and bungled predictions about the 2020 election, a group of charismatic Christian leaders have released a four-page statement of ‘prophetic standards’ to help correct abuses in the movement”

With thanks to Deane for mentioning it.

Todd Bentley, Heretic and Sexual Predator is Returning to So Called Ministry

He’s heard from God…. (No he hasn’t but he says he has).

Bentley, who turned 45 last month, said as the coronavirus pandemic raged in parts of the country in the summer of 2020, he was experiencing a time of healing and restoration with angels and communing with God.

Pentebabbleist nutbaggery.

It was last summer in July/ August 2020 that I had a series of angelic encounters, visions and personal encounters with the Lord that were absolutely life-changing. At the same time Jess and I used this time to see healing and incredible restoration in our own lives and marriage. During this awesome season of almost daily personal encounters the Lord spoke to me about my 45th birthday, which took place on January 10, 2021,” 

Nope. Don’t fall for it. It’s all fraud.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery: The Claim that Heaven Says Trump is Still President…

You literally cannot make up this kind of insanity.

Pastor Johnny Enlow, who once said our nation’s future would involve the terms B.T. and A.T. (“Before Trump” and “After Trump”), that QAnon was “going to be proven so thoroughly,” and that the score of the College Football Championship was a sign that Trump would remain in power, is still spreading conspiracy theories. This time, he’s saying Trump is still president… according to Heaven.

“There’s all these dimensions that the Lord is coming to affect and change right now, and President Trump still has a very active, viable role in that,” Enlow said. “Believe me, God is doing things with him, and I won’t go into it more than that. But he’s not a passive player; he is recognized from Heaven [as] the primary government leader on planet Earth. People need to know that. From Heaven, President Trump is recognized as the primary government leader on planet Earth.

Forget the popular vote. Forget even the Electoral College. All that matters now is whatever the courts (?) of Heaven say.

These guys are mentally ill.

More Pentebabbleist Nutbaggery

And of the unfixable sort:

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