Israel Finkelstein Under Duress!

Bob Cargill posted this photo on the Azekah expedition page and claims that Israel approves of his tie-dye shirt.  But you can clearly see from Israel’s expression that he’s under duress.  I suspect that Cargill has a knife or some instrument of injury pressed to his back and has required him to smile or suffer….

Pray for Professor Finkelstein’s safe release from the hostage taking tie dye cult!

A Plea to the Excavators at Azekah: Emergency Situation

Azekah-ites, I beg you- run over to Robert Cargill’s hut and take down his wash and BURN IT!  Do civilization a favor, just toss those tie dyes in a pile and send them up in smoke to God.  It may not be a legitimate sacrifice but believe me, it will be an act of mercy!

This is an emergency and only you can help!  God will bless you if you do… and if you don’t… well let’s just say, you’ve been warned….


Why I Still Love Bob Cargill

Robert and I don’t see eye to eye on the gay marriage question.  I think that’s plain and clear to anyone and everyone who reads our blogs (and let’s face it, that’s everyone who is anyone).

In spite of our disagreement, though, for my part, affection remains undiminished.  Bob is the brightest young scholar in the fields of DSS studies and Archaeology (as well as digital technology) known to me in person or by reputation.  his work is astonishingly good and I would put him in the same league, intellectually, as Emil Brunner, Karl Barth, Gerhard von Rad, and Rudolf Bultmann.  Of course, he’s no Zwingli, but who really is besides Zwingli himself?

I mention my unwavering admiration because I’ve gotten a couple of snarky emails from persons who think I should take my views to what they call their ultimate conclusion and cut all ties to Bob.  That, slack jawed mouth breathers, I refuse to do.  Some of us are adults and some of us are able to agree that when we disagree nothing changes.

So endeth my public declaration.