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Luther Responds to His Clever Devils

The pope never hurt me, except at first when Sylvester wrote against me and put this legend in the front of his book: ‘master of the sacred palace.’ Then I thought, ‘Good God, has it come to this that the … Continue reading

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In Related News…

Chris Tilling has just asked me to review his new book!   Ok, if that’s what he wants, I’ll do it…

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The Life of God in the Soul of the Church

Thabiti Anyabwile’s book arrived from the goodly and kind Shaun Tabatt last week and its publisher’s blurb claims In this transformational book, trusted pastor Thabiti Anyabwile repositions our thinking about spiritual fellowship. Extending the concept of Divine life presented in … Continue reading

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The Quest for the Historical Peter

IVP Academic writes on the Facebook- Take a look at the first chapter of The Life and Witness of Peter, forthcoming from Larry R. Helyer: http://ivpr.es/NUGO3I.  Helyer embarks on a comprehensive study of a much-neglected figure in New Testament studies in … Continue reading

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The Carnival is Coming

Not the kind of Carnival Zwingli excoriates in his discussion of the Papal Keys (and the Papst-Esel) as follows- Hence a carnival of every kind of crime so unrestrained and so widespread that no tongue, no pen, can describe what … Continue reading

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Jesus, Criteria, and the Demise of Authenticity: Conference Announcement

Anthony LeDonne asked that I pass along word of this conference– so I am. Speakers:  Dale C. Allison Jr. — (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary), Mark Goodacre — (Duke University), Chris Keith — (Lincoln Christian University), Anthony Le Donne — (Lincoln Christian … Continue reading

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Really Republicans? REALLY???????

I’m speechless, thanks to this tweet- Michelle Goldberg ‏@michelleinbklyn — You might think that someone at the RNC For Life event would offer a pregnant lady a seat, but you’d be wrong. #GOP2012 I guess all that ‘life is precious’ … Continue reading

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The Israeli Court Was Never Going to Find in Favor of the Corrie Family

The suit was doomed from the start. There’s simply no way the Israeli military would be held accountable for this girl’s death. Further action by the family, sadly, will end in the same verdict. Israel’s courts are as controlled by … Continue reading

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How Has ‘Bible Software’ Changed The Way We Read the Bible?

Bryan Bibb writes on Facebook the following fascinating observations- Experiencing the Bible through a system like Accordance fundamentally transforms the reading process, and changes the nature of the text itself. Technological advances in the past have had comparable effects, i.e., … Continue reading

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How Do You Choose a Baby Name? By Using the ‘Pick a Name From the Bible’ Wheel

Simply select the sort of baby name you would like.  For instance, if you’re one of those reprehensibly horrific hipster ‘Christians’ wearing your goatee and your turtleneck or you sport a stupid soul patch and you pretentiously use your first … Continue reading

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Did Jesus Walk on Water? Or Bones???

A humorous little tale highlighting the importance of proper translation of the Bible: Isn’t the Bible in the regional or national language adequate? After attending a recent church service, Lika speakers in Democratic Republic of Congo answered a quick and … Continue reading

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