The Church Fathers: An Observation

The Church Fathers are very much like modern contemporary ‘Christian’ rock bands. Just as these bands wish they could make it big as secular performers but can’t, so resort to the paltry genre, so too the early Fathers wanted to be philosophers, but couldn’t hack it, and so became (in their minds) ‘theologians’ (and very poor shadows at that).

The Holy Week That Was

Another pretty decent week, although I’ve now given up on Greenland.  I can only conclude that there are people there who do not love God.

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Latvia FlagLatvia 5
Slovenia FlagSlovenia 5
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Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 3
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Morocco FlagMorocco 2
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Uruguay FlagUruguay 2
Albania FlagAlbania 2
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Côte d'Ivoire FlagCôte d’Ivoire 1
Rwanda FlagRwanda 1
Macao FlagMacao 1
Burundi FlagBurundi 1
Kyrgyzstan FlagKyrgyzstan 1
Faroe Islands FlagFaroe Islands 1
Senegal FlagSenegal 1
Grenada FlagGrenada 1
Ethiopia FlagEthiopia 1
Cayman Islands FlagCayman Islands 1
Aruba FlagAruba 1
Holy See (Vatican City State) FlagVatican City 1
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Martinique FlagMartinique 1
Mauritius FlagMauritius 1
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Yemen FlagYemen 1
Bolivia FlagBolivia 1
Madagascar FlagMadagascar 1
Gambia FlagGambia 1
Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan 1
Nicaragua FlagNicaragua 1
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Guadeloupe FlagGuadeloupe 1
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Libya FlagLibya 1
Malawi FlagMalawi 1

Make Your Summer Plans Now: Dig at Azekah

Via Bob Cargill

Looking for something to do this summer? Come dig at The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition in Azekah, Israel with the University of Iowa!

Watch the YouTube video playlist:

Pictures here:

Read about the Iowa summer program here:

You can also find more information at the Azekah dig website:

I understand that no tie-dye shirts will be allowed- so you’ll be ok…

Fun Facts from Church History: Zwingli and Holy Days

The Church services were held on Sundays from seven to eight o’clock in the morning and between three and four in the afternoon. In the Great Minster there was a service for children and servants from eleven to twelve o’clock. During the week there was also a preaching service in the morning at five and at eight, which took the place of the early masses.  On Friday, which was the market day, Zwingli preached especially for the country people.

At the end of 1525 certain ministers were set apart for visitation of the sick, inasmuch as this was no part of the duties of the people’s priest.

Of the holy days were retained Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter; also St. Stephen’s, All Saints’, Candlemas, St. John the Baptist’s, Mary Magdalene’s, and more strangely the Annunciation and Ascension of the Virgin Mary, together with the day of the city patron saints, Felix and Regula. On these days, as on Sunday, public business and all work were forbidden, except necessary work, as harvesting.*

Sounds good to me.  Except the Mary holidays.  Blech.  Zwingli understood everything about theology perfectly except Mary and baptism.

*Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (pp. 291–292).