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I’ll Show You Mine, You Show Me Yours #WorldBookDay

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Here’s my collection (not counting, of course, all the ebooks + Logos + BibleWorks) -

Today is World Book Day

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Have a happy one, and read a book.  Read one of my books!  Read all of them (or at least buy them).  It’s what God wants you to do…  (That last bit is probably true).


Today With Zwingli: The Bern Disputation’s Ten Talking Points

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froschauerstrasse.jpgOur reliable friend S. Jackson informs us that, concerning the Bern Disputation:

The “Acts of the Disputation” were published by Christopher Froschauer—the Zurich printer who published Zwingli’s writings—on April 23, 1528.

It opens with the Bernese magistrates’ call to the disputation, covering six pages and dated “Sunday, the 17th day of the Winter month” (which in the Swiss calendar is November), 1527. The date set for the beginning of the disputation was the first Sunday of the new year, which came on January 5th. Then come the ten theses for debate prepared, with Zwingli’s assistance, by the local Reformers Kolb and Haller, viz.:

froschauer2“I. The Holy Christian Church, whose sole Head is Christ, is born of the Word of God, is animated by it, and hears not the voice of a stranger.

II. The Church of Christ makes no addition to the law and ordinance of the Word of God. Consequently all human deliverances, as the Church ordinances are called, are not binding upon us except so far as they are grounded on and ordained by the Word of God.

III. Christ is our sole wisdom, righteousness, Saviour, and Redeemer for all the sin of the world. Consequently to confess another service of the saints and satisfaction for sin is to deny Christ.

IV. That the Body and Blood of Christ are substantially and corporally received in the bread of the Eucharist cannot be proved from the Bible.

froschauer_press_bullinger_2004V. The mass now in use wherein Christ is offered to God, the Father, for the sins of the living and dead is contrary to Scripture; to make a sacrifice to the Almighty out of the sufferings of the immortal Christ is a blasphemy and on account of the misuse of it an abomination in the sight of God.

VI. As Christ died for us only, so He should be appealed to as the only mediator and intercessor between God the Father and us believers, consequently all other mediators and intercessors besides now appealed to are to be repudiated by us on the ground of Scripture.

VII. That after this time no purgatory will be found taught in the Scriptures. Consequently all services for the dead as vigils, requiems, soul-graces, sevens, spiritual consolations, anniversaries, ampullæ, candles, and such like are vain.

bern_cathedralVIII. Making pictures for worship is contrary to the Word of God in the New and Old Testaments. Consequently wherever they are so placed as to be in danger of worship they should be removed.

IX. Holy marriage is in the Scripture forbidden to no class, but harlotry and unchastity all classes are commanded to avoid.

X. Since an openly immoral woman is under a heavy ban according to the Scripture, it follows that harlotry and unchastity on account of the scandal of it are in no class more shameful than in the priesthood.”*

It’s difficult for us to appreciate the importance of these theological disputations- until we remember that it was Luther’s challenge of the practice of indulgences in a never actualized invitation to dispute that kicked off the German branch of the Reformation and it was Zwingli’s own 67 Articles which solidified the Zurich Reformation.

The practice of Disputations needs to be reinstated.

*Huldreich Zwingli: The Reformer of German Switzerland (1484–1531) (pp. 281–283).


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Get your Carnival submissions in before it’s too late!



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This will be an epic contest, with, of course, the Bayern-Munich team victorious by 30 goals…


Where In the World is Chris Tilling Now?

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I’m so happy to say that Chris moved here to Tennessee a few months ago and he has been doing really well staying out of trouble.  Until recently

Is this Chris Tilling's motivation? Steal undies to get close to Bieber?
Is this Chris Tilling’s motivation? Steal undies to get close to Bieber?

A Tennessee man has been arrested after police say he tried to sell stolen panties at a Memphis bus station.  The Commercial Appeal reported that Chris Tilling  Joe Milam, 53, tried to sell Victoria’s Secret panties at the MATA station in downtown on Monday and put up a fight when officers tried to arrest him.  Police eventually subdued Tilling Milam, and officers found 59 pairs of panties on him. Most of the panties are valued at almost $800 and still had price stickers and security devices attached.  Tilling  Milam wouldn’t tell officers where he got the underwear.

You never really know people, do you.  But this does explain Chris’s extra suitcase at SBL for what he called ‘pickings’.  I thought it was just some Brit term for souvenirs.  I guessed wrong.

More Manchester United Schadenfreude!

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Because, well why not.