21 comments on “It’s The August Biblioblog Carnival! The ‘Look, There’s a List of Biblioblog Twitterers’ Edition

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  3. Hi Jim,
    Do you not know that Auckland is in New Zealand and not Australia?
    Kind regards,

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  8. Jim, on my blog I have supported Lumby’s view that Saul took the name Paul because it meant “small”, but fail to see how this is incompatible with Leary’s view, which you dismiss, without argument, as not “sane”. I’m not interested in your views (and neither should anyone else be). What matters is evidence, and you put forward none. I am not wanting to defend Leary’s view. I am, however, objecting to your unsupported dismissal of other people’s arguments.

  9. Great job, Jim; many thanks. The twitter link doesn’t seem to be working, though. I was looking forward to giving that a try?

    Thanks for your kind words, by the way. Beyond my Q delusion, perhaps you’ll find my forthcoming stuff on Thomas more palatable :)

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