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Kids These Days… And their Parents Too…

A missing 13-year-old girl has been found safe, though 700 miles away from home. It turns out the Texas teen had gotten into an argument with her parents about a boy she met online via Xbox and decided to run away. She snuck out her bedroom window, took her brother’s car, and set out for Kentucky to meet up with her 12-year-old beau, reports the Houston Chronicle.  A Tennessee state trooper pulled over the girl in Nashville after he noticed her car matched the description in an Amber Alert. Though a few years away from getting her learner’s permit, she somehow managed to navigate 700 miles cross-country. (She still had another 130 or so miles to go.)

As she crossed Texas none of the lawmen down there apparently thought anything was amiss…  Same must have been true in Arkansas.  At least our troopers here are alert.

Meeting people online… one might as well take out a Craigslist personal ad and hook up with a pedophile.  Do kids these days not know how dangerous online meetings are??  Are their parents not telling them stringently enough?  Come on parents, do your job.  Here’s an idea- know what your kids are doing.

(And if you say ‘but I can’t’, well then, you should never have become a parent in the first place.  Taking care of your children is YOUR responsibility- you can’t slack off and then blame the difficulty of it all for your indolence and apathy).

Parental Concern, After the Fact


Nothing says love quite like taking action when it’s too late…. Teen Collapses After 4-Day Xbox Marathon.

A four-day Xbox gaming marathon apparently was too much for one 15-year-old Ohio boy.  The boy was so engrossed in playing Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox that he made himself sick.  He’s expected to be OK – but his mom has taken away the Xbox.

I guess it never occurred to mom to open the kids door and say, ‘hey, get off that stupid game and get down here to supper!’  Or something.  Anything.

‘He Lived For His XBox’

Not exactly a good reason to live.  And certainly a very bad reason to die.

In the latest example of “everything in moderation,” too much Xbox-playing may have led to a young British man’s death.  Twenty-year-old Chris Staniforth, who reportedly played the game “Halo” on his Xbox for up to 12 hours at a time, died in May from deep vein thrombosis, a condition triggered by sitting for extremely long periods of time. A coroner said that there was a blood clot that formed in Staniforth’s leg that moved up to his lungs to cause a fatal pulmonary embolism, the New York Daily News reported.

Take heed, gamer nerds.  Get up!  No game is worth dying for.  Or living for.