Joe Zias- ‘More Amazing Dis-Grace- The JESUS NAILS: The Naked Truth vs. The Naked Archaeologist’

Editorial Note: The following essay was written by Zias and sent along for your consideration. The Jacobovici ‘special’ on the ridiculously named ‘Jesus Nails’ is set to air Wednesday, April 20th, at 11 PM. Before you view it, you should certainly read Zias’ exposé.


  1. I have to say that I just love Mr. Z’s ‘take no prisoners’ style of writing.

    Of course the fundies won’t listen but then, they never do.


  2. Thank you Mr. Zias for getting the naked truth out about the side show huckster Simcha Jacobovici. As a “fundie” I agree with Mr. Zias’ excellent analysis – indeed I don’t know of any “fundie” who would not not laugh out loud at the lunacy of Simcha’s theory. It appears that Mr. Schillaci is about as ignorant about “fundies” as Mr. Jacobovici is about archeology.


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