NT Wright Just Can’t Get Enough…

Of himself. So he’s doing his own translation of the New Testament. I’m sure that in the artwork it will be his face covering the body of Jesus on the cross. After all, his followers are indeed washed in the blood of NT Wright.

Next up, the NT Wright Eucharist and the NT Wright altar at the front of the NT Wright church where the worshipers of NT Wright will bring their copies of his ‘Jesus oh um I Mean NT Wright and the People of God’ and read from them in unison. Then of course at the NT Wright Church of Universal Misrepresentation of the Theology of the Reformation, all copies of Luther will be banned (so that none of NT Wright’s followers accidentally actually read Luther! Can’t have that happening… can’t run that risk!).

[Ghastly arrogance isn’t it to imagine that his one brain is better than all those who work as translators on committees and whose work is reviewed and refined.]

[Oh don’t bother to comment, Wrightians. Comments are turned off just so that you can’t vent your adoration of your god here].