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Being a Drunk Driver Makes You The Most Dangerous Road Hazard

The face of one neither ashamed nor sorry

A Gainesville woman who was driving to a bar with eight children in her van was arrested on DUI and child neglect charges after a minor traffic crash at 1100 W. University Ave. on Friday night, according to arrest reports.

Laws should change.  Drunk drivers should each and every one each and every time be charged with attempted murder because that’s exactly what they’re doing when they get behind the wheel.

Lawanda Lowery-Gale, 32, of 1939 NW 31st Ave., was charged with DUI, eight counts of child neglect and driving with a suspended license by the Gainesville Police Department.  The incident occurred about 9:50 p.m. when Lowery-Gale side-swiped another car on University Avenue with her Kia van, police reported.  In the van were eight children aged 10 months to 14 years. Police said six of the youngsters were her children and two were nieces.

She’s the typical drunk- a multiple offender who has no license and yet is walking the streets, or rather driving the roads anyway- without regard to anyone else or anything else.  She should be in prison.  All drunk drivers should.

Ghastly ‘Parenting’

A Florida couple whose pet Burmese python crushed the woman’s 2-year-old daughter to death have been sentenced to 12 years in prison each on manslaughter and child neglect charges. Experts testified that the 8-foot-long snake was severely underweight and had tried to eat the child whole, reports the New York Daily News. The python’s tank had only a quilt for a lid and it had escaped 10 times in the two months before it killed the toddler.

I know a woman who cares more about her pet snake than she does her children.  These Floridians, unfortunately, aren’t alone in their dreadful priorities.

Don’t Let This Woman Babysit for You

She’s whacky.

A woman in Daytona Beach was arrested and accused of child-neglect that was caught on videotape, according to a report.  Keyona Davis, 23, was riding along in the bed of a pickup truck next to a baby in a baby stroller Wednesday afternoon, WESH.com reported.  Surprised passers-by called police, and officers responded and pulled the vehicle over, according to a police report cited by WESH.

There’s a video…