Who’s Buying the Mid-Term Election This Year?

03 Oct

Or to put it more politely, what special interest groups are pouring money into candidates laps this cycle?

For the week ending September 26, groups spent a total of $15,495,362, with $10,620,174 on behalf of Republicans and $4,875,188 on behalf of Democrats.

The charts will make you sick to your stomach.  The United States Congress is for sale.  Just like always.  But myself, I wouldn’t give one cent for the entire US Government, from top to bottom, national, state and local.  All I see when I look at government is corruption and greed (just like I see in Afghanistan and Iraq).  In fact, if anything, the US Government is more corrupt than the Afghani simply by virtue of the fact that it’s bigger.

It’s all just so absurd.  Our government for, by, and of the people hasn’t been for decades and certainly isn’t now.

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One response to “Who’s Buying the Mid-Term Election This Year?

  1. Jeremiah

    3 Oct 2010 at 11:55 pm

    I recently argued that Christians shouldn’t give money to politicians. By argued I mean made a picture of John Chrysostom shooting laser beams from his eyes to consume the symbols of the politicians, but the point remains.