Biblical Studies Carnival 115 – September 2015

What? There are other Carnivals? Curse Them!!!

Reading Acts

BloodMoonThis month’s Biblical Studies Carnival was hosted at The Biblical Review by William Brown (@willhartbrown). William says, “I’ve enjoyed the opportunity sift through the many posts pertinent to Biblical Studies. Aside from the specific links I’ve run across, I worked my way through many blogs from James McGrath’s Blogroll and the Complete List of Biblioblogs.”

In other Biblioblog news, Jim West calls September the most boring of months in his Avignonian Carnival. He does include my boring review of a boring book, which is pretty exciting in a boring way. Perhaps Biblio-Bloggers really were convinced the blood moons would bring the end of the world or reveal Donald Trump is the Antichrist.

Jacob Prahlow does a nice job rounding up some “recommended reading” each week. He is hosting a carnival in early 2016, so check out his work.

Brian Small did not do his Hebrews Highlights this month, but he posted a list…

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