On the Anniversary of Calvin’s Death

John Calvin, Reformer of Geneva and ancestor of ‘Presbyterianism’ (in its true and right forms and not in the twisted forms in which it finds itself manifested in some corners of the world today) died on the 27th of May in the Year of our Lord, 1564.  Over the next 24 hours I’ll be posting a snippet about Calvin every few hours.

Some people are deserving of being remembered.  And none of them come from Hollywood.  Calvin, more than nearly anyone else, was one Himalaya of theological wisdom and ‘climbing’ to the summit is a struggle and a blessing.  When you’re that high up, you can see nearly everything.

To be sure, he was no Zwingli (indeed, Zwingli was to Calvin what the distance from the earth to the sun is from the distance of the base of the Himalayas to their summit).  And he was wrong about a number of things.  Still, he’s one important theologian.  The third most important of all time (after Jesus and Zwingli, in that order).

So tune in every little while.  You’ll never know what you’ll find.