I’m An Un-Belieber

Because I find it completely un-belieber-ble that Justin Bieber was chosen MVP over Scottie Pippen!  Seriously people, how does such a miscarriage of justice happen?

Justin Bieber finally got a trophy.  The teen singing sensation, who was shut out at the Grammys, was chosen most valuable player despite playing for the losing team in the NBA All-Star celebrity game.  … Hall of Fame player Scottie Pippen led the Magic Johnson-coached East team with 17 points in a game whose defensive highlight might have been Pippen’s third-quarter block of Bieber.

It’s the last sign of the apocalypse…  the end isn’t near, it’s here.  (HT Rachel West in the car on the way home from the gym this morning. And she also first used the term un-belieber).

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