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Ursinus und die Zeit der Reformation

Einen Einblick in die Zeit des Zacharias Ursinus verschafft die Ausstellung „Ursinus und die Zeit der Reformation“ ab dem 14.4. 2013 im Stadtmuseum Neustadt – Villa Böhm, die in Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Stadtarchiv Neustadt und dem Leiter des Religionspädagogischen Zentrums, … Continue reading

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Is it God’s Fault if We Sin?

According to Ursinus’ exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, the answer is a resounding no. [T]hat the wicked are punished by the wicked, and the good chastised and exercised, is the just and holy work of the divine will; but that … Continue reading

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Today in Church History

The author of the Heidelberg Catechism, Zacharias Ursinus, died on this date in 1583. A reforming theologian, Ursinus was born Breslau in 1534 and studied at Wittenberg from 1550 to 1557. He then moved to Geneva for further study and … Continue reading

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