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Yorkshire is the Happiest Place in Britain

Some may disagree, but I for one love it there (and in Cheshire too, and Cambridge as well).  Anyway, the Telegraph reports

Almost six in ten people in Yorkshire say that they are satisfied with their lives compared to a national average of 50 per cent, according to Mintel’s annual British Lifestyles survey. Londoners are the least content in the UK, th just under half of them claiming to be happy.  Yorkshire-dwellers’ happiness stems from the county’s abundance of open spaces, Mintel said. This chimes with its UK-wide findings, which show that people who live in cities are more likely to be unhappy with their lot that people who live in the countryside.

Visit Yorkshire.  Visit Sheffield.  You’ll really be glad you did.  And maybe even happy.

James Crossley’s New Soccer Uniform

I know, we tried to talk him out of it… but he’s a stubborn Yorkshire-ite.