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US Mideast Policy is a Ship Without a Sail or a Rudder

Members of the Kefaya democracy movement prote...

A fascinating essay in Al-Jazeera makes that general point explicit.

In the midst of the startling and compelling events taking place in the Middle East since the advent of Tunisia’s ongoing “jasmine revolution”, with people taking to the streets in Algeria, in Yemen, in Jordan, and, most importantly, shaking the foundations of the Mubarak regime in Egypt – the US, [PJ Crowley]  said, is passively “watching and responding”.

A ship without a sail…  or a rudder.  Read the whole.

A Story On NPR To Follow

A new issue of the online magazine Inspire — from the Yemeni group al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula — has some alarming advice for would-be terrorists: Open fire on lunch-hour crowds in Washington, D.C., to “knock out a few government employees.” When al-Qaida’s arm in Yemen first released the English-language magazine this summer, the news was all over talk radio in Charlotte, N.C. It was such a hot topic because the man allegedly behind it had been a local resident — a 24-year-old Pakistani-American named Samir Khan.

That’s how it begins. Listen tomorrow to see how it ends.