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Lazy Students Make Wretched Researchers: And Lazy Profs Make Lazy Students

An analysis of research papers written in first-year composition courses at 15 colleges reveals that many students simply copy chunks of text from the sources they cite without truly grasping the underlying argument, quality or context. “The findings are not … Continue reading

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Ours is the Age of Dilettantism: the Death of Facts

When historians look back at the beginning of the 20th century, when all of us now living have long been dead, they’ll, I think, describe it as the ‘Age of Dilettantism’.  And they’ll do it because our age relies on … Continue reading

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Honestly, If You Need ‘Emergency Access’ To Wikipedia, There’s Something Wrong With You

First, let me hasten to say that this has NOTHING to do with James’ post other than that it springs from his title.  I’m all for people protesting whatever they want to as long as their protests are appropriate.  I.e., … Continue reading

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Wednesday The Internet Will be a Better Place

Wikipedia is going dark! Darn it, it’s just for one day. But still, one day is better than none. Good riddance. Do not try to look up “Internet Censorship” or “SOPA” or “PIPA” on Wikipedia, the giant online encyclopedia, on … Continue reading

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Still More Proof of the Pointlessness of Wikipedia

According to Christian Well, I guess when you’re an intellectual lightweight and your fans are even less intelligent, this sort of shenanigans only makes sense. It seems that Palin’s fans, upset at the rest of the world for laughing at … Continue reading

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Oh Wikipedia, Justin Bieber’s Fans Have Mauled You!

And just think, I didn’t even know Beliebers could read or type.  Evidently they can, and they’ve taken out their rage on Bieber’s competition…  With gusto! Hell hath no fury like anti-Justin Bieber fans and anti-Justin Bieber fans scorned.  Just … Continue reading

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Wikipedia Can’t Be Trusted

Donald Vance writes I present for your enjoyment a startling example on why one should approach Wikipedia with a peck of salt. I was reading the article on Trotsky when I found the following gem: On 20 August 1940, Trotsky … Continue reading

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Oh Sarah, Sometimes Speaking Without Thinking is a Very Bad Idea

Because when you do, people, well they do horrible things, like take you seriously! Well, that didn’t take long. Earlier this afternoon the Wikipedia entry for “blood libel,” the word on the tip of everyone’s tongue today after Sarah Palin’s … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Limbaugh Belong Together

Rush Limbaugh fell for a hoax about a federal judge based on an erroneous Wikipedia entry, according to the New York Times. The paper reports that, on his Tuesday show, Limbaugh spent some time discussing Roger Vinson, a District Court … Continue reading

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Wikipedia: The Latest Propaganda Tool

No surprise here– Wikipedia is the most easily manipulated ‘source’ of misinformation available today. Joel reports The next battle in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be fought on the pages of the internet site Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia which anyone … Continue reading

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