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If You Take the Long Ending of Mark Literally, You’ll Die (and You’re Silly)

Pastor Mack Wolford, the son of a snake-handling pastor who died from a rattler bite, lived by faith and died on Sunday, like his father before him, from a serpent bite.  Julia Duin has the riveting story of belief in … Continue reading

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West Virginia, Vote Fraud, And the Third World Sheriff

You’d expect to read a story like this of some third world country where some half baked dictator reigned.  Alas, it seems that West Virginia qualifies… A West Virginia sheriff pleaded guilty to voter fraud in the state’s 2010 primary … Continue reading

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Where Will NASA’s Defunct Satellite Hit?

Oh that’s an easy one really- it’s going to break apart and a lot of it will burn up and the remainder of large chunks will fall into the sea… except for one big piece that’s going to land right … Continue reading

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I Guess They Teach What Students Can Use in the Real World at Vocational Schools…

A West Virginia public vocational school has been shut down indefinitely after traces of methamphetamine were found throughout the building during an investigation of the principal and a teacher. State Police Sgt. Andy Perdue said Monday that traces of the … Continue reading

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When You Have Children You Have to Watch Them Every Second…

Or they do gross things (that are gross and funny at the same time!) Mom fail of the day: looked over at Sophia in her stroller at Taco Bell in the mall…and there she was with a long string of … Continue reading

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The Children Are Rotten and the Parents Teeth are Set on Edge

In West Virginia Erik Wells has come up with a… creative incentive he hopes will motivate parents to keep their kids on track. Wells has drafted a bill that would suspend parents’ driver’s licenses if their students are chronically absent … Continue reading

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