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McNutt on Grundmann, Schlatter, and Heschel and the Aryan Jesus

From Cambridge U. Press-

The most recent issue of Harvard Theological Review includes an intriguing article by James E. McNutt:  A Very Damning Truth: Walter Grundmann, Adolf Schlatter, and Susannah Heschel’s The Aryan Jesus

McNutt examines Susannah Heschel’s work and finds evidence that any theoretical dichotomy between religious anti-Judaism and racial anti-Semitism is likely obsolete. He finds compelling her argument that the nationalism of Adolf Schlatter added fuel to Nazi anti-Semitism, despite Schlatter’s aversion to National Socialism itself.  Read the full text of this important research article here.

Readers interested in this theme may also wish to read Lukas Bormann’s piece from the July issue of New Testament Studies, which looks at why many of the initial German members of the SNTS were also supporters of the Nazi regime. His article is written in German and focuses on Professor Gerhard Kittel from Tübingen: ‘Auch unter politischen Gesichtspunkten sehr sorgfältig ausgewählt’: Die ersten deutschen Mitglieder der Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas (SNTS) 1937–1946.