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The Bible and Ugarit: A Brief Illustration

By Antonio ‘The Italian’ Lombatti.  As always, it’s worth a read and it won’t take more than a couple of minutes.

Win a Copy of John Huehnergard’s ‘An Introduction to Ugaritic’

This freshly published and just appearing Ugaritic grammar has arrived from the good folk at Hendrickson for review, along with a copy for me to give away to one lucky soul.

Here are the contest rules:

1- In a few paragraphs describe how you came to be interested in Ugaritic.

2- Are you presently in University or Grad School and pursuing Ugaritic studies?

3- If you’re chosen as the completely random winner based on your responses to the first 2 questions above, what will you do with the volume?

Contestants must reside in the United States and answers must be emailed to me by midnight, November 1, 2012, at jim@theology.edu.

Good luck.  And watch for my review in the not too distant future.

An Introduction to Ugaritic, by John Huehnergard

It’s brand spanking new and just announced- published by the good folk at Hendrickson:

Highly respected linguist John Huehnergard brings his command of and vast knowledge in the field of comparative Semitic linguistics to this introductory grammar. Every aspect of the grammar is enriched by his broad understanding, while maintaining an unexcelled directness and order to the learning of the fundamental grammar of Ugaritic.

Designed for students already familiar with Biblical Hebrew, this grammar contains the information necessary to help them become proficient in Ugaritic, and includes exercises to assist in learning basic grammar before commencing work with the actual Ugaritic texts. It is set apart from other gram¬mar books by its immense understanding of comparative Semitic grammar, and the concise and accurate manner in which Huehnergard presents the information.

My review is here.