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More ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Nutbaggery: The ‘Noah’s Ark’ Edition

First, there won’t be any ‘apocalypse’ according to some putative reading of some old South American calendar.  I promise.  And second, if the world were going to end in 2012 God would have been merciful enough to do it BEFORE the final installment of that garbage series known as ‘Twilight’ premiered.  Plus, your boat is junk.  One mild little wave and you’ll be in the drink.

So, dude in China, you’re all worked up for nothing.  Chill out.  Relax.  Go to South Korea and visit Little Honey Tee Tee.  He’s actually CRAZIER than you are and you’ll feel a whole lot better about yourself.

Worried about the impending 2012 “Mayan apocalypse,” a man in China has reportedly spent his life savings on the construction of his very own “Noah’s Ark.”  According to China News Service, Lu Zhenghai, from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China, has already spent about $160,000 on the boat. The vessel, designed by Lu himself, measures about 65 feet in length and will, when completed, weigh about 80 tons, the report states.


Wesley Would Whoop Those Glittery Vampire Whiners

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Take that, Twilighters!

My Review of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’

First- a disclaimer- I haven’t, and won’t see this film.  Having said that, I’ll now go on to review it just like many people ‘review’ books about biblical studies without ever having read them or- worse- comment on subjects related to the bible without having ever studied the matter and only hatching their half baked idiotic internet assembled philosophy after a half hour of thinking about it.

This movie stinks.  I can say that without fear of contradiction because I’ve seen 10 minutes of all the other 32 in the series and they all stink.  They appeal only to 12 year old girls and soccer moms.  So, ’nuff said.

Don’t go see it or you’ll be guilty of supporting bad acting, bad film-making, and bad thinking.

I’ll Be Rooting For Goliath

Sorry, ‘David’, but the guy portraying you… well he’s just not likable. ‘The Rock’, on the other hand, is a quite likable guy.  And besides, anyone who played any part in the annoyance called ‘Twilight’ deserves a fatal beating… if ya hear what I’m sayin’.

Go Goliath!

Dwayne ("The Rock") Johnson to play Goliath and Taylor ("Jacob") Lautner to play David in Scott Derickson's Movie version of Goliath? Exciting news on Scott Derickson’s upcoming movie, Goliath: Dwayne Johnson has been offered the titular role in ‘Goliath’. The 39-year-old actor – who stands at 6ft 5in tall – is an advanced negotiations to play the Biblical character in the Scott Derrickson-directed epic for Relativity Media and Temple Hill Entertainment. Taylor Lautner has been offered the part of David in the classic tale, which is being worked on by ‘Twilight’ producers Marty … Read More

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