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What the Press Isn’t Saying About the ‘Trial of the Century’

It seems that in the recent reports concerning the trial of Oded Golan the press is acting as though he’s only on trial for the ossuary.  But this is false.  He is on trial because he’s accused of forging a range of ‘artifacts’.

The press has focused on only one object, keeping it and it alone in view of the public.  One has to wonder why.  And one has to wonder who gains by focusing only on this one item and not on the many suspect pieces.

It seems that a campaign of misinformation is being waged…

Exclusive: The James Ossuary Trial is OVER

Oded Golan and his box

And the judge is considering a verdict. After 5 ridiculously long years, the trial of the century, which took almost that long, is over.

The indictment leveled 44 charges of forgery, fraud and deception against Golan and 13 lesser counts against a co-defendant, antiquities dealer Robert Deutsch. The trial of Golan, Deutsch and three other defendants opened at the Jerusalem District Court in September 2005.

Last Sunday, the defense ended its summing up with just two men left in the dock, bringing to an end five years of court proceedings that spanned 116 sessions, 133 witnesses, 200 exhibits and nearly 12,000 pages of witness testimony. The prosecution summation alone ran to 653 pages.

Yet despite the flood of strong scientific testimony, the feeling in the tiny courtroom, where fewer than a dozen people (including only one reporter) have followed the proceedings, was that the prosecution had failed to prove the items were forgeries or that Golan and Deutsch had faked them.

Read Matthew’s entire essay.  All indications are that the verdict will be not guilty and all charges will be dismissed.