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More on the London Baptist Confession and Calvin

Over on Calvin 500, by Michael Dewalt (it’s the second post of two on the subject).  He reminds us that the confession includes, among its many parts,

Total Depravity — Article VI: first Eve, then Adam being seduced did wittingly and willingly fall into disobedience and transgression of the Commandment of their great Creator, for the which death came upon all, and reigned over all, so that all since the Fall are conceived in sin, and brought forth in iniquity, and so by nature children of wrath, and servants of sin, subjects of death, and all other calamities due to sin in this world and for ever, being considered in the state of nature, without relation to Christ.


Total Depravity: The Family That Dragged a Dead Teen Outside…

In order to cover up their extreme animal hoarding

The mother of a 14-year-old boy who died Thursday is under investigation after police found more than 200 animals in their squalid suburban Chicago home.

Neighbors of the Berwyn, Illinois family told NBC Chicago 14-year-old Matthew Degner’s lifeless body was dragged outside by family members Thursday, who presumably hoped that authorities would not look inside the home. Police did, however, and were horrified by what they found.

“Our animal control officers who have been in some pretty horrific and disgusting environments said this home was easily the worst they’ve been in,’’ sheriff’s spokesman Steve Patterson told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Degner was pronounced dead at MacNeal Hospital Thursday afternoon. An autopsy showed that he died from bronchopneumonia.

Unspeakably evil.

Think You’re a Bad Person? Wicked and Depraved?

While I’m sure you are, you can’t be as vile as this pair:

Two women in Modesto allegedly came up with a decidedly heartless way to score some easy money: They solicited “funeral donations” for a six-month-old who supposedly died of a heart condition while they were on vacation, racking up $700 in just a few hours on Saturday. A police officer spotted Chasity Doll and Tiffany Lyon darting in and out of traffic to ask motorists for donations, and initially only asked them to stay on the sidewalk. But when he started asking basic questions they couldn’t answer, he got suspicious.  The women couldn’t tell him how exactly Justin Michael Farrell died or what hospital he died at, so the officer checked with the county coroner and found no record of a baby Farrell’s death. Turns out the women printed a baby photo off the Internet and allegedly pulled the scam twice, once on Friday at a different intersection.

Around these here parts there are, quite regularly, the same sorts of folk standing in the intersection with buckets and signs proclaiming their loving fund raising for a ‘cancer baby’.  If all their stories were checked out I’m sure the majority would end up in jail.

And the worst thing is that such deceivers are taking money from children and their families who actually need it- making them even more despicably depraved.

Total Depravity: The Man Who Dropped a Cinder Block on a Baby Because He Didn’t Want a Second Child

Sometimes the word ‘total’ in Total Depravity isn’t sufficient.  Like this time.

Police say a northeastern Pennsylvania man accused of killing his newborn daughter twice dropped a cinderblock on the girl because he said he and his girlfriend couldn’t afford a second child.

State police say 20-year-old Christopher Fitzpatrick led troopers to the body of the child Friday. Police say Fitzpatrick had told family members he dropped the girl off at a hospital after Jennifer Barrise gave birth in May but later admitted killing her.

Fitzpatrick and Barrise are both charged with homicide and are being held without bail. Police say they have a 1-year-old child together.

I know of no person more evil and despicable than this.  It is my imprecatory prayer that the pair of them spend the rest of their lives in a small cell and that afterwards hell is heated to 7 times hotter for them.

If they didn’t want a child perhaps they should have avoided insemination instead of aborting the baby post birth.  Vile.  Just vile.

Total Depravity Defined

Sin holds sway over the whole person, over mind and will, heart and conscience, soul and body, over all one’s capacities and powers…   All of human nature has been corrupted [by sin], nothing truly good can any longer proceed from it, any more than a bad tree can produce good fruit.  Human persons are now under the hard necessity of not being able not to sin.  Their virtues are vices rather than virtues; they are by nature inclined to all evil, inclined even to hate God…  Certainly if this doctrine is clearly elucidated, it is daily confirmed by everyone’s experience and vindicated by the witness of its opponents themselves.  — Herman Bavinck