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Topless Dancers are the Least of Thailand’s Sins

It is passing bizarre that Thailand is worried that three topless dancers at a national festival may give the world the wrong impression about the country.  The last time Thailand was in the news it was because it’s the go-to destination for perverts of all kinds from pedophiles to sex addicts and everything twisted in between.  A few topless dancers can scar the image of Thailand no more than another mockumentary on the bible can scar Simcha Jacobovici’s image among actual scholars.

Thai authorities denounced three teenage girls Monday who danced topless on a Bangkok street during New Year’s celebrations – underscoring the tension between Thailand’s traditionally modest culture and the country’s reputation as a sex capital.  Concern was heightened by the young age of the dancers, who were found to be 14, 15 and 16 when they turned themselves in to the police Monday afternoon.

Thailand regularly looks past when 50 year old Canadians rent out 9 year old children.  Why the fuss about these three?  Yes, topless dancers are the least of Thailand’s sins.

The Super Bowl of Child Sexual Exploitation

What do football games, men, and sex with underage children have in common?  The Super Bowl of course.

Pimps will traffic thousands of under-age prostitutes to Texas for Sunday’s Super Bowl, hoping to do business with men arriving for the big game with money to burn, child rights advocates said.  As the country’s largest sporting event, the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers will make the Dallas-Fort Worth area a magnet for business of all kinds.  That includes the multimillion dollar, under-age sex industry, said activists and law enforcement officials working to combat what they say is an annual spike in trafficking of under-age girls ahead of the Super Bowl.

That’s horrific.  I thought child trafficking was something that went on in Thailand.  But given the fact that America has plenty of evil depraved child molesters I’m actually more surprised at my surprise than I am at the fact of fat middle aged guys in Dallas buying young girls for their own entertainment.

Hopefully each and every man who buys a prostitute (of any age) in Dallas will receive the just recompense they richly deserve.

Good News for the Geeks and Sci-Fi Types

Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is going to direct The Hobbit. This should make James McGrath happier than a sailor in Thailand. In fact, I suspect we can now look forward to a blow by blow daily blog-a-thon of the entire process.

James McGrath in his Halloween Costume

Breaking news! They actually got Peter Jackson, of all people, to direct “The Hobbit!” What’s that? You already knew that? Like, from a year ago. No, no. That was a rumor. It was never confirmed. First it was Guillermo Del Toro, but he left. And then there was a labor dispute, but that’s been resolved. And then Jackson pretended to announce a series of movies he’d rather direct than have to plunge back down the rabbit hole of Tolkien nonsense, and then … ugh, forget it. Exhausting. 

Tolkein nonsense… that’s priceless!

Thailand Needs to take Lessons From Nigeria

thailand ko phi phi 02

Image by FriskoDude via Flickr

Those Thai scammers are rank amateurs compared to their Nigerian counterparts.  While the Nigerians are happy to send you money you’re owed in the millions, it seems the Thai’s aren’t as generous.  Witness the email I just received:

Attn: I am Barrister Denis Park a solicitor, I wish to have your attention to transfer fund left behind by my late client before his untimely death, he left behind $14 USD with one of the leading bank here in Thailand, I will give you details as soon a i hear from you. Sincerely, Denis Park Esq.

$14? That’s hardly a sum intended to get me worked up and excited. I’m not Mary Winkler. You’re going to have to make a better offer than that, Esq.

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