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I remember the day with crystal clarity.  I got up at the usual time and headed down to a nursing home to check on some folk.  On my way back, I had the radio on in the car and there was a news interruption which said that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.  I thought it was a small plane but then the news virtually went wild with a flood of details and speculation.

When I got home I turned on the tv and watched, all day, in absolute horror.

Around 3 that afternoon several of us clerics in town decided we needed to put together a vigil for that evening, so at 6 we all met.

The next weeks were, as you can imagine and probably remember, frazzled and depressing.

The strangest thing about the entire event, though, was that just a couple of months before my family and I had been in New York for a visit.  We’d seen a show on Broadway, ridden the tour bus, had lunch in China Town, done all the usual touristy things in Central Park, and – most surreal-ly- had taken the elevator to the top of the World Trade Center.

I continue to think about being on top of the WTC.  A lot actually.  Probably too much.

In any event, until my mind is mush or my life is over, I don’t think I can, or will, forget that awful day.  My hope is that all those directly affected have some sense of normalcy and my prayer is that the dead have found rest in peace, and peace in rest.

A 58 Year old White Dude is America’s Newest Terrorist: Decay From Within Continues Apace

A gunman sitting in a packed movie theater stood up about 20 minutes into the showing of “Trainwreck” and began firing into the crowd, killing two and wounding at least nine others before fatally shooting himself, authorities said.

The gunman initially tried escaping Thursday night by blending into the fleeing crowd, but turned back when he saw police heading inside from the parking lot, authorities said. Officers tailing him back into the theater then heard a single gunshot and found him dead inside, police said.

They described the shooter as a 58-year-old “lone white male” with a criminal history but did not immediately disclose his name. Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said the gunman was by himself and started the rampage by shooting the two people sitting in front of him.

Keep it up America.  Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left.  Keep it up.

Congress: You’re Idiots- If You Love America, Resign Today

Just get out. Leave office. You’re incompetent, inept, useless, and wicked.   You created, yourselves, the present crisis.  And you don’t have the sense to fix it.  Get out.  Quit.  There’s not a one of you worth the minerals you’re made of.  Oh, and I’m not paying for your stupidity.

Following is my letter to my Representative and Senators:


You created the present crisis and now, inept, you cannot resolve it.  You have made America the laughingstock of the civilized (and uncivilized) world.   Please resign.  Today.  Do the country you claim to love a favor, and tell your colleagues to do likewise.

Very, very sincerely, and really furiously, and I mean every word


Israeli Terrorists (They Call Themselves ‘Settlers’) Attack IDF Troops

Attacking their own

Dozens of Jewish settlers surrounded an IDF patrol vehicle on Wednesday evening near the Shilo settlement, setting up roadblocks and physically assaulting IDF soldiers.  The incident began after rumors circulated that the Gal Yosef illegal outpost is about to be evacuated. At approximately 9 P.M. the settlers erected roadblocks and blocked the entrance to the outpost with their cars.


A senior IDF commander said that “the army sees this incident as crossing a red line, and the settlers who were involved in violence against the soldiers will be arrested soon by the police.”

They should be arrested.  If Palestinians had done such a thing, they would have been arrested on the spot.  So too should these terrorists.  And if you think ‘terrorist’ is too strong a term- consider this-

Over the past few weeks, settlers have been attacking Palestinian farmers’ property in the nearby village of Qusra, almost on a daily basis. On Thursday morning, villagers discovered some 200 olive and fig trees were uprooted or damaged throughout the night.

That’s terrorism, pure and simple (and so evil as to be beyond contemptible).  Doubtless, however, the ‘Israeli settlers are always on God’s side’ crowd of Christian Zionists will stand up and applaud such despicable acts (thereby proving their own evil heartedness).

It Isn’t The Publicity Seeking Loons You Have to Worry About…

Because real terrorists won’t announce their plans.  So these aren’t real terrorists, they’re little lunatics.

Amid heightened security as the nation marks a decade since 9/11, feds are investigating threats posted on the White House’s Facebook page, reports NBC New York. “We’ll come back U.S.A. One day only 11/9/2011,” says one post, which shows a photo of Osama bin Laden. The second and third: “We’ll come to u white house sooooooooooon,” and “We’ll come back 11/9/2011 to kill u all.”

Terrorists?  No.  Losers?  Undoubtedly.  But that doesn’t make their total depravity any less real.