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Tel Kabri: The 2013 Season

Eric Cline mentioned this and I’m happy to pass it along: The 2013 excavations at the Middle Bronze Age (c. 1750–1550 B.C.E.) Canaanite site of Tel Kabri uncovered architecture and artifacts from one of the largest palatial sites in Israel. I had … Continue reading

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Tel Kabri: The Video

Starring Eric Cline, as Eric Cline, and many others playing themselves. Enjoy!

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They’re Pitching their Tents at Kabri

via with many more

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Kabri 2013

There’s a facebook page for the dig at Kabri which commences in just about a week.  Bookmark it and drop in from time to time to see what’s going on.  There’s also a blog.  So, you can be sure to … Continue reading

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If You’re Looking for Something to do This Summer…

Maybe this is for you: Located in a quiet rural setting within the western Galilee of Israel, only a ten minute ride from the historical town of Acco, with its Medieval and Ottoman old city, fishing harbor and traditional market, … Continue reading

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Dig at Tel Kabri in 2013 With Eric Cline, Superb Archaeologist And All Around Great Guy

Visit their website at http://digkabri2013.wordpress.com

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