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Total Depravity: The Gross Old Teacher / Masturbator Edition

Words fail

A teacher at a suburban Christian school has been charged with a felony, after he was fired for allegedly masturbating behind a podium while teaching class.


As CBS 2′s Dana Kozlov reports, Schaumburg police said he might have been doing it for the past 10 years or more.

Wait, what???????????  10 years?  How’s that possible????????

And in court Wednesday, a Cook County assistant state’s attorney told the judge that prosecutors have a handwritten note from LaDuke, in which he admits to fantasizing about students.  Paul LaDuke, 75, has been charged with sexual exploitation of a child. LaDuke has been a math teacher at the school for 26 years, and is also an ordained minister.

Um, I don’t believe I’d touch any note touched by the vile old man’s hand.  And he’s ordained?  Aggghhhhhh……….

Investigators determined that, while seated at a podium in class on Friday, LaDuke unzipped and lowered his pants and masturbated while students were present in the classroom.  “Through the course of our investigation, our detectives have come to believe that this has happened several times per year for 10 years or more, possibly,” Nebel said.


I give up.  [Via Bob Cargill on FB.  Bob clearly hates me and wishes I would die of cranial implosion.]

Creepy Teacher, Creepy

 Lexington County School District Three is investigating after a first-grader complained about having to rub her teacher’s feet.  A district spokesperson said the district has launched a full investigation, appropriate action has been taken and the situation has been rectified. But that’s not nearly enough for some parents.  “She admitted to the children rubbing her feet,” said Brenda Norris. “Just the thought of it… They immediately sent her home, but she’s back there today.”  Norris is far from satisfied after her six-year-old granddaughter in first grade came home from Batesburg-Leesville Primary School last Wednesday to say she was “tired of rubbing her teacher’s feet.”

This teacher should definitely win the creepy teacher of the year award.

But At Least It’s An Accredited School…

A George Washington University medical school professor has resigned after students complained that she never taught a required class and assigned all her students an “A’’ grade.

Venetia Orcutt resigned last month an assistant professor in George Washington’s department of physician assistant studies. She also served as chair of the department.

At least three students wrote letters to GW’s provost this fall complaining that Orcutt did not teach two out of three semesters of a course on evidence-based medicine during the 2009-2010 school year. In the letters, obtained by The Associated Press, the students claim they were never told why the classes weren’t taught and that they were all given “A’’ grades.

Bad teachers can teach at accredited institutions and good teachers can teach outside of them.  Only a fool believes ‘accreditation’ makes the difference.  It’s not where you go to study that matters; it’s who you study with and how devoted a student you yourself are.  The education industry’s assertion that (the only invented in the 1960’s remember) accrediting system matters most of all is nothing but a self serving lie.

Bad Teacher

A teacher who threatened to place a special needs pupil under a voodoo curse as a form of punishment and called another “Pepsi Max” has been banned from the classroom. Roslyn Holloway, who taught at the Lord Silkin Trust School in Telford, Shrops, threatened to use the bizarre ritual to drown the unnamed student if he didn’t stop misbehaving in class. In a series of other incidents, the special educational needs teacher tore the hair out of a pupil’s skull after he did not stop talking in class while she also engaged in sexual-based conversation with another.

She’s not just a loon, she’s a perv.  And why is it that it’s always the unattractive ‘Cougars’ who hit on kids?

If Teachers Could Speak Freely

They’d tell parents to start being parents!  And other things.

This summer, I met a principal who was recently named as the administrator of the year in her state. She was loved and adored by all, but she told me she was leaving the profession.  I screamed, “You can’t leave us,” and she quite bluntly replied, “Look, if I get an offer to lead a school system of orphans, I will be all over it, but I just can’t deal with parents anymore; they are killing us.”

But of course teachers can’t speak freely.  They have to coddle parents and school boards and whiners of all sorts who mistakenly think that being a teacher means being the doormat of the incompetent folk who never should have had children in the first place.

The piece continues

Today, new teachers remain in our profession an average of just 4.5 years, and many of them list “issues with parents” as one of their reasons for throwing in the towel. Word is spreading, and the more negativity teachers receive from parents, the harder it becomes to recruit the best and the brightest out of colleges.  So, what can we do to stem the tide? What do teachers really need parents to understand?  For starters, we are educators, not nannies.

Say, 4 years or less is about what the average Seminary Grad stays in the Pastorate!  I guess dealing with lots of Church folk as a pastor is just like dealing with the parents of school kids.

Read the whole piece and pass it on to a teacher that you know.

A Respectable Atheist

A Florida high school teacher who was suspended from the classroom for a comment he made against gay marriage on his Facebook page has gained an unlikely defender – an atheist.


“This is a free speech issue,” Mehta wrote on his blog Saturday. “You don’t have to like what Buell said – I know I don’t – but everyone has the right to believe what they want, even if it’s crazy, untrue, or harmful.”

Same thing I said the other day. It’s a free speech issue. Period.  So good for Mehta and clear-thinking.

What is it With Teachers These Days?

Why do they keep doing these kinds of things?

A former Clayton County substitute teacher admitted to having a sexual relationship with one of her students, police said. Police said the teacher, Rene Frank, 27, also told them she is pregnant with twins and the 17-year-old student is the father.

Child molester.

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