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Some Perspective Might Be Useful, Tea People- Learn Some History

What’s The Worst Thing You Can Call a Politician? Tea Party

Rasmussen Reports periodically asks Likely U.S. Voters to rate political labels, and the latest national telephone survey finds that 38% consider it a positive when a political candidate is described as “conservative.” That’s consistent with surveys for several years but down slightly from 42% in January. Twenty-seven percent (27%) see conservative as a negative political label, up six points from the prior survey. Thirty percent (30%) rate it somewhere in between. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

“Tea Party” has suffered much worse. Considered a positive political label by 29%, 43% now think Tea Party is a negative description for a candidate. That’s a net rating of negative 14, making it the worst thing you can call a candidate. Twenty-three percent (23%) put it somewhere in between.

I wonder if the worst thing you can really call a politician is, well, a politician.

Countering the Tea People

Van Jones was President Obama’s special adviser for green jobs when he was hit with a wave of criticism from conservative pundits about his past associations. The controversy forced him to leave his post in September 2009, but it wasn’t the last we’d hear of him.

That same conservative wave went on to make a major splash in Congress through the Tea Party. Jones decided to fight back, founding a group called the “American Dream Movement.”

Some people call Jones’ group a liberal version of the Tea Party. His inspiration, he tells weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz, is the silent majority of Americans that oppose Tea Party platforms.

Well not everyone who has problems with the tea people is silent.  Still, if he can muster a finely brewed cup to counter the Lipton-esque reprehensibility of the tea people, good for him.

People Don’t Seem to Like the Tea People

As a piece in the Washington Post points out

Almost half of Americans have an unfavorable view of the tea party movement, according to a new CNN poll, a 21 percent rise in that number from January 2010.  In the survey, 47 percent of Americans say they see the tea party in an unfavorable light while 32 percent regard the movement favorably.  That makes the tea party about as unpopular as the Democratic and Republican parties.

Ah but that’s because all political parties are rubbish.

The growing unpopularity of the tea party with the public puts Republicans in a tough political spot.  On the one hand, the tea party retains considerable power within the GOP — one needs only look at the results from the 2010 Senate primaries for proof of that. On the other, aligning too closely with the tea party creates the possibility of running afoul of some significant chunk of people outside of the Republican base.

When you lay down with dogs you’re bound to get fleas.

Trent Humphries: The Vile Tea Partier Who Blames the Victim

I was so shocked and disgusted when I read this I nearly erupted in a fury.  You’ll see why momentarily.

One tea party leader says that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) has herself to blame for getting shot in the head Saturday.  The Arizona congresswoman shouldn’t have attended an event “in full view of the public” if she had security concerns, according to Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries.

Despicable.  I suppose if she had been raped he would have said it was her fault because she wore a dress or lipstick or had painted fingernails.  What an unspeakably loathsome assertion Humphries makes.  Disgusting.  To blame the victim for being shot in the head????  Sick.