Jewish Taliban: Israeli Settlers and their Violence

A knife-wielding Israeli settler on Friday attacked a peace activist in the West Bank, where the activist was volunteering to protect Palestinian farmers from such assaults during the ongoing olive harvest season. The attack, captured on video, underscores longtime complaints by Palestinians of harassment and assaults by Israeli settlers.

Rabbi Arik Asherman, president of Rabbis for Human Rights, was returning from helping farmers in the Palestinian village of Awarta, near the Israeli settlement of Itamar, when he spotted settlers stealing olives and burning groves that belong to local villagers. After he confronted the settlers, one of them assaulted him with stones and a knife. Asherman was not stabbed and only suffered minor injuries.

Yariv Mohar, a representative of Rabbis for Human Rights, told Al Jazeera that the attack was only the “tip of the iceberg of what Palestinians are going through.” “If [Asherman] wasn’t a Jew, then the attack might have been much more severe,” Mohar said. “But for Palestinians, this is daily or weekly way of life especially.”

Where’s the international outrage at the deeds of Israeli settlers?  Why the silence among those decrying Palestinian attacks on Israelis?  One act of terrorism is just as despicable as another, so why the bias suggesting it’s ok for Israelis to act this way but not for the Palestinians?  Injustice breeds conflict.  Maybe Israel needs to learn this.

The Jewish Taliban and the Wish to Empty Israel of Christian Churches

Head of anti-assimilationist group declares churches have no place in Israel and says he “does not cry” over the death of Palestinian toddler in recent arson attack.

So the headline in the Telegraph

Having publicly advocated the destruction of Israel’s Christian churches, Benzi Gopstein might have good cause to fear for his liberty. But if Mr Gopstein, the leader of Lehava – a group infamous for its virulent campaigns against relationships between Arab men and Jewish women – worries about arrest just days after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government announced an unprecedented offensive against “Jewish terror”, he was not showing it.

Instead, in plain sight and surrounded by the smells of multiple barbecues being cooked by ultra-Orthodox Jewish families in Jerusalem’s Sacher Park, he brazenly urged the same government to expel Christian places of worship from the Holy Land. “We don’t speak about people to do it. It’s what the government needs to do,” Mr Gopstein told the Telegraph in a rare interview with a foreign news outlet. “If the government wants to [have] a Jewish state, that’s what we say.”

I’d be very interested in hearing any explanation which offers a differentiation between this group and the Muslim Taliban and their ideology.

More Taliban-esque Behavior From the Far Right of Judaism

Ophir Ben-Shetreet, a 17-year-old with a voice as outstanding as Sonenclar’s, is a leading competitor on Israel’s “The Voice.” One would think that she would be rewarded for her confidence, effort and talent. Sadly, that is not the case.

Ben-Shetreet is essentially being punished for having an exceptionally beautiful voice and wanting to share it with the world. The 12th grader has been suspended (with the agreement of her parents) for two weeks from her religious girls’ high school in the seaside city of Ashdod. Her offense? Singing in public.

The complaints against Ben-Shetreet’s singing on the popular TV show came from the parents of other students at her school. Ben-Shetreet’s suspension and required attendance at special Jewish law classes is supposedly meant to serve as a deterrent to her classmates – should they, heaven forbid, want to exercise their God-given vocal talent or just plain have some musical fun while within hearing earshot of a man.

That’s just WTTWD- what the Taliban would do- prohibit girls from exercising their talents in front of members of the opposite sex.  Because nothing says ‘faith’ like telling girls they’re supposed to stay hidden (either off the stage in front of men or behind the veil).

I feel sorry for these extremists.  They must lack all self control, poor things, because they can’t look at women without being driven into a frenzy of lust and so every measure must be taken to protect these gentle male flowers from the damaging glare of the feminine…  Poor, poor Taliban of the Jewish and Muslim persuasion: slaves of their own desires and willing to oppress any woman to keep those desires in check.

Hold The Presses! Angelina Jolie Is Finally Going Public With Her ‘Outrage’ at the Treatment of Malala!

Whew, what a relief.  Now those of you who have been holding back on expressing your own outrage at the shooting of Malala by the perverted Taliban because there was no one in Hollywood to show you the way, no one who makes a living, and an excessive one at that, pretending (usually woodenly) to be someone else to break the ice and plunge into the Arctic of disdain first…  Rejoice!  Hollywood’s professional clowns are coming to the mic to speak!  Now the truth can be known!!!  Now the gods of modern culture have spoken!  Now we all can see clearly since one of their type has shown us the way…  Glory be to God!

Madonna’s Title as ‘Miss Inappropriate’ Verified Again

I don’t see how stripping down to nearly nothing supports a Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban; but so far as Madonna is concerned, if it draws attention to herself, anything is worth stripping for.

Clearly not content with flashing a nipple and ‘ironically’ calling Barack Obama a Muslim, Madonna has decided to wade in on the brutal killing of a Pakistani girl who was shot for speaking out against the Taliban.  Madonna continued to use her ‘MDNA Tour’ to make yet another controversial statement by strip-teasing to ‘show her support’ for Malala Yousafzai, who was shot on a schoolbus for writing a blog about how important education is.  On her Wednesday night performance in the Staples Centre, Los Angeles, the singer began by telling her audience that she wanted have a ‘serious talk’.  According to Entertainment Today, she told fans that the news that the 14-year-old had been gunned down by the Taliban had made her ‘cry’. She said: ‘The 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot on a schoolbus for writing a blog about how important education was to her.

‘The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her. Do you understand the sickness and absurdity of this?’  She rallied the crowd by shouting at them to support education and those who help women. But then the millionaire decided that this performance clearly was not a strong enough statement, and chose to ‘dedicate’ a strip tease to the girl, who is currently in a critical condition.  She turned her back to reveal ‘Malala’ written across it, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  ‘This song is for Malala,’ she said, before singing her ‘Human Nature’ song. But her attempt to make a stand in the name of Malala backfired after furious Pakistanis discovered her act.

Madonna doesn’t care about anyone but Madonna and any feigned concern for others is self-promotion in disguise.

Zionism Is Becoming Israel’s Biggest Problem

The Zionist settlers have long provided more than a lot of headaches for both the Israeli government and of course the Palestinians. But now they’re beginning to cause serious, serious problems for the Israeli military.

In large study halls, ranks of young Jewish men are bent over religious books or debating in pairs the meaning of their texts. Many wear the large knitted kippa associated with the settler movement; a few have guns by their side.  This scene is typical in settlements all over the West Bank, where the hesder yeshiva movement has gained strength in recent decades. The programme, backed by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), allows religious Jews to combine intensive theological study with a shortened period of military service over five years.  For these young religious Zionists, serving in the army to defend the state of Israel and the Jewish presence in the occupied West Bank is a crucial element of a theology that has the redemption of the biblical land of the Jews at its centre.  But some critics fear the influence and advancement of these highly motivated soldiers could turn the traditionally secular IDF into an ideological instrument and create conflicts over whether the men’s duty is to obey their rabbi or their commanding officer.

The ‘talibanization’ of the Israeli military is at hand.  This is neither good for Israel nor good for the region; nor, for that matter, good for the world.

Tracking the Tombs of the Taliban, Oh Sorry, the Maccabeans…

Pretty much the same thing though, given the fact that the Maccabeans were more than willing to exterminate their theological foes in exactly the same way as the Taliban are at present.  Anyway, those ancient Taliban (oh shoot, I just keep doing that), I mean Maccabeans were all buried and the Jerusalem Report (a great publication) has the story of the quest for their final resting place…

Few ancient sites in the Holy Land have ignited the imagination like the lost tombs of the Maccabees, the family that led a Jewish rebel army to victory against Seleucid religious repression in the second century BCE.

Beginning more than 140 years ago, travelers, clergymen and enthusiastic scholars of varying levels of religious fervor and competence have been looking for the tomb site – described in contemporary sources as a magnificent Hellenistic monument that included pyramids and ships of carved stone and could be seen by sailors on the Mediterranean Sea, 18 miles away. The complex was one of the greatest man-made landmarks in ancient Judea.

No trace of it has ever been found.

Read Matti’s entire report, it’s really good.

Radical Islam’s Fanatical and Unbalanced, Hate Filled Misogyny

Some 125 girls and three teachers were admitted to an Afghanistan hospital on Wednesday after being poisoned in their classes with a type of spray, a Takhar provincial official said.  The incident occurred in the provincial capital of Talokhan, in the Bibi Hajera girls school, said Dr. Hafizullah Safi, the province’s director of public health.  Forty of the girls were still hospitalized, he said, with symptoms including dizziness, vomiting, headaches and loss of consciousness.

It stinks of the deeds of the Taliban.

“The Afghan people know that the terrorists and the Taliban are doing these things to threaten girls and stop them going to school,” said Khalilullah Aseer, spokesman for Takhar police. “That’s something we and the people believe. Now we are implementing democracy in Afghanistan and we want girls to be educated, but the government’s enemies don’t want this.”  There have been several instances of girls being poisoned in schools in recent years. In April, also in Takhar province, more than 170 women and girls were hospitalized with suspected poisoning after drinking apparently poisoned well water at a school. Local health officials blamed the acts on extremists opposed to women’s education.

They’re really afraid of girls aren’t they, those wretched hate-monger cowards.  The Taliban- lovers of ignorance and murderers of the innocent.

On The Deuterocanonicals: An Observation

This photo is caught from a video film that ha...

I’m diligently working on the latest commentary in my little series (published by the Quartz Hill Publishing House), 1-2 Maccabees.  I have to confess that I am not a fan.  The ‘Taliban-esque’ nature of Judas’s actions are more than a little disconcerting- especially given the fact that he’s happy to kill fellow Jews who disagree with his interpretation of Torah.

Anyway, here’s the point:  I suspect I feel towards the Deuterocanonicals the same way secularists feel towards the Bible.  I guess my work on the Apocrypha is as close as I’ll ever get to understanding secularists.

Even More Excruciating Details of the Staff Sergeant Who Went on a Killing Spree in Afghanistan

The AP has a number of eyewitness statements- including

In Panjwai district on Sunday, grieving residents tried to make sense of why they were targeted.  “No Taliban were here. No gunbattle was going on,” cried out one woman, who said four people were killed in the village of Alokzai, all members of her family. “We don’t know why this foreign soldier came and killed our innocent family members. Either he was drunk or he enjoyed killing civilians.”  The other 12 dead were from Balandi village, said Samad Khan, a farmer who lost all 11 members of his family, including women and children. Khan was away from the village when the attack occurred and returned to find his family members shot and burned. One of his neighbors was also killed, he said. “This is an anti-human and anti-Islamic act,” Khan said. “Nobody is allowed in any religion in the world to kill children and women.”  One woman opened a blue blanket with pink flowers to reveal the body of her 2-year-old child, who was wearing a blood-soaked shirt.  “Was this child Taliban? There is no Taliban here” said Gul Bushra. The Americans “are always threatening us with dogs and helicopters during night raids.”

Who did it?  He’s still not been named but he’s a Staff Sergeant from Ft. Lewis, WA.

Residents said Sunday’s attack began around 3 a.m. in two villages in Panjwai district, a rural region outside Kandahar that is the cradle of the Taliban and where coalition forces have fought for control for years. The villages are about 500 yards (meters) from a U.S. base in a region that was the focus of Obama’s military surge strategy in the south starting in 2009.  Villagers described cowering in fear as gunshots rang out as a soldier stalked house after house firing on those inside. They said he entered three homes in all and set fire to some of the bodies. Eleven of the dead were from a single family, and nine of the victims were children.

Cowardly and despicable and dishonoring to all who have served ethically and honorably.

More Good News: Another Advertiser Has Pulled The Plug on Limbaugh

AOL is the eighth advertiser to drop Rush Limbaugh’s radio show in reaction to his derogatory comments about a law student.  AOL Inc. said Monday that “one of our core values is that we act with integrity. We have monitored the unfolding events and have determined that Mr. Limbaugh’s comments are not in line with our values.”

Limbaugh’s comments aren’t in line with any civilized person’s values.  His comments are in line with the values of the Taliban.

AOL spokeswoman Caroline Campbell said advertising on Limbaugh’s show was “not a significant investment for us.” She declined to say which products AOL advertised on the show, or whether its ad purchases were recent. AOL is an Internet portal and runs local news websites, the TechCrunch blog, and the Huffington Post.

Israel’s Litmus Test: Be Zionist or Else

Israel’s Taliban have standards and they include- be a zionist or be excoriated.

Three self-proclaimed watchdog organizations have labeled about 10 percent of Israeli academics as anti-Zionist, according to a recent study by a group of academics, artists and university students who aim to counter the categorizations. The organizations, which are open about their activities, are Im Tirtzu, IsraCampus and Israel Academia Monitor.  The group’s survey came up with the names of more than 1,000 Israelis, 800 of whom are academics but also including authors, journalists, public intellectuals, and past and present cabinet ministers, that appear on a list maintained by the trio of organizations.

Taliban of every ethnicity and religious persuasion are equally lamentable.  And they need to be denounced by every person.  Silence is acquiescence.

Classy ‘Religious’ Thugs Who Beat an Old Man…


English: Nablus. Old city of Nablus and Mount ...

Radical viciousness by Ultra-Orthodox Israelis is in the news again.

Israeli settlers assaulted a 60-year-old man cultivating land in the northern West Bank on Saturday morning, a Palestinian Authority official said.   Najih Abdul-Qadir was tilling his fields near the illegal Itamar settlement east of Nablus when a group of ultra-orthodox Israelis approached him and beat him severely, PA settlement monitoring official Ghassan Doughlas told Ma’an.

That’s right- nothing says being a ‘light to the nations’ quite like beating some old man senseless and nearly to death simply because he’s working HIS OWN land.  Nice, fundamentalist Jewish Taliban, nice.  Especially since your own settlement is illegal and you have no business being in the area in the first place.

[And in spite of the violence wreaked against the old man, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Christian Zionist heretics will rush to the defense of these depraved thugs because they are just as depraved and indifferent to human life].

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Jewish Taliban

Think the Muslim Taliban are horrible people?  Well they have some pretty stiff competition from the Jewish Taliban.

Israel Defense Forces soldiers should choose death before they remain at army events which include women’s singing, a top settler religious leader said in an interview on Thursday.  The comment made by Elyakim Levanon, the rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Elon Moreh, came after earlier this week, 19 reserve major generals sent a letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, imploring them not to allow harm to come to women’s service in the army as a result of religious soldiers’ demands.

Taliban, pure and simple.  This guy would rather have men dead than allow them to listen to some woman sing.  That’s lunacy.  What crazed fundamentalism of the sorriest sort.  Yes, Taliban.

Whatever you Do, Don’t Move to Topeka

In what is truly a barbaric step backwards in terms of the rights of victims (and to be frank, more than a little Taliban-esque)

Kan.’s capital city repeals domestic violence law

What insanity.

Suspects in Topeka domestic violence cases are leaving jail without being charged, and advocates for abuse survivors say victims are growing more scared amid a public squabble over who should pay to prosecute the crimes. The mayor and council of Kansas’ capital city made a dramatic move Tuesday night in their ongoing clash with county officials by voting to repeal the city’s ordinance against domestic violence. The intent is to force the county’s district attorney to back away from a budget-driven decision to stop prosecuting misdemeanors committed inside the city limits – including domestic assault and battery not involving a weapon. Advocates for victims of abuse slammed all sides of the debate. They’re angry with the district attorney over his decision, furious with the mayor and City Council for repealing the ordinance and frustrated that officials can’t resolve the budget dispute. It’s been a month since new prosecutions of domestic violence stopped in Topeka.

I’m gobsmacked. This has got to rank up there with the stupidest decision made by any city government ever.    Topeka: home of the American Taliban.

The Taliban are Servants of Satan

The Taliban has hanged an 8-year-old boy, in tragic retribution after the boy’s cop father refused to give militants a police vehicle, reports CNN. The child was kidnapped Friday in the southern province of Helmand, and killed at an unknown point after that. President Hamid Karzai condemned the boy’s execution, calling it an action “not permitted in any culture or any religions,” and calling for the immediate arrest of those responsible.

Human beings don’t kill children in order to ‘teach a lesson’ to parents.  Only inhuman tools of evil do.

If the divine messengers were to approach any modern Abraham living in many places on the planet and announce the just deserved destruction impending, that Abraham would have to argue down to the presence of one righteous soul if there were to be any hope of staving off divine wrath in recompense to human perversity.  And in most cases there’s not even one righteous person to be found.

Day 3

Of the Afghan Quran burning protests.

Afghan protests against the burning of a Quran in Florida entered a third day with a demonstrations in the south and east Sunday, while the Taliban called on people to rise up, blaming government forces for any violence. … In southern Kandahar city on Sunday, hundreds took to the streets for the second day in a row, and hospital officials said 20 people were hurt in skirmishes between police and demonstrators. On Saturday, nine people were killed and 80 injured when a protest turned into a riot.  At least two wounded police officers and 18 civilians had been brought into city hospitals, said Qayum Pokhla the provincial health director.

It’s all so pointless and senseless.

More From the Qur’an Burning Lunacy

Violent protests over the burning of a Koran in Florida flared for a second straight day, with young men rampaging through the streets of this southern capital, flying Taliban flags and wielding sticks.  Nine people were killed and 81 injured in the disturbances, all from bullet wounds, according to Abdul Qayoum Pakhla, head of the provincial health department. One of the dead was a police officer. Kandahar has long been the heartland of the Taliban insurgency but has been relatively quiet in recent months since a surge of additional American troops arrived here.

That’s in addition to those killed yesterday.  There’s evil aplenty in the rampaging mobs and there’s evil aplenty on the ‘pastor’ hate-monger who served as the flashpoint.  And there’s more than enough guilt and shameful behavior to go around too.

Israel’s Own Version of the Taliban

Un groupe de Haredim (des hassidim, d'après le...

Peaceful enough, for now...

The only difference between Islamic radicals and Israeli radicals is the names they wear.  The Israelis have their own Taliban, their own version of the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church, even if they do name themselves something else.

Demographers now estimate about a third of last year’s Jewish babies were born into the ultra-Orthodox community, an insular and devout minority that has long been at loggerheads with the rest of the increasingly modern and prosperous country.  Ultra-Orthodox Jews – known in Hebrew as “Haredim,” or “those who tremble” before God – have a birthrate far higher than that of other Israeli Jews, with 10 children in a single family not uncommon. They seem poised to become far more numerous and influential.  Relations between Haredim and other Israelis have never been smooth. Critics have long complained that they shun work in large numbers in favor of religious study, rejecting mainstream Israel even as they rely on that mainstream for financial support.  But increasingly, even some Haredim share a sense that things cannot continue as they are.  “The Haredim have set up a state within a state and have a long conflict with the state of Israel, which is now on the eve of an explosion,” said Kobi Arieli, a popular radio host and author from the liberal edge of the Haredi community. “There is no chance that this situation will continue.”

These people are dangerous.  And they are extremists.  And they will eventually attempt to assert their will over the entire population, just as the Taliban of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other locales have.  In a few short years Israel will look very much like Pakistan.