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Total Depravity: The Man Who Shot a 5 Year Old

A man has been remanded in custody charged with two counts of attempted murder following the shooting of a five-year-old girl in a convenience store. Anthony McCalla, 19, of Oakdale Road, Streatham, will appear next at the Old Bailey on June 10. He appeared at Camberwell Green magistrates’ court, in south London, charged with shooting Thusha Kamaleswaran, aged five, and bystander Roshan Selvakumar at a shop in Stockwell. McCalla, wearing a brown and white striped top and blue jeans, listened intently during the 15-minute hearing and spoke to give his name, address and date of birth. District Judge Sue Green refused an application for bail. Police have also arrested a 14-year-old boy on suspicion of attempted murder in connection with the shootings. Relatives are maintaining vigils at Thusha’s hospital bedside while detectives build up a “continuity trail” of the attackers’ movements.

What kind of person but one evilly depraved shoots a 5 year old?