Wisdom From Whitelam

Keith writes (on FB)-

whitelamJust as the phrase ‘settlement freeze’ means ‘build more illegal settlements’, so the claim that ‘Israel has no partner in the peace talks’ means that the possibility of a Palestinian state is a ‘dead end’ and ‘the most important thing in the Land of Israel is to build, build, build.’ Bennett, leader of the Habayit Hayehudi party has made is crystal clear that there is no intention on the part of the Israeli government to negotiate. Nonetheless, it is the Palestinians who will be blamed for intransigence when Kerry’s efforts come to nought. In the world of the so-called ‘peace process’, it is important to understand that the language used conveys the opposite of what is stated.

Wisdom from Whitelam.

70% of Israelis Are Willing to Accept a UN / Palestinian State Declaration

Israel should accept the decision if the UN recognizes a Palestinian state, about 70 percent of Israelis answered in a recent Hebrew University poll.  The poll, which was conducted jointly by the Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, also found that over 80% of the Palestinians support turning to the UN to obtain recognition of a Palestinian state. The survey was supported by the Ford Foundation Cairo office and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Ramallah and Jerusalem.

That puts those Israelis against a Palestinian state in a clear minority. And it also makes the American Christian Zionists who decry such a state even more absurd (if that’s possible) than they already are.

The Palestinians Have Been Patient Long Enough

Their President has laid out, just today, his plan to present to the United Nations a bid for recognition by that body of a Palestinian State.

President Mahmoud Abbas spells out his plans for a Palestinian state that he hopes the United Nations would acknowledge.

I hope that it will too, so the people of the Middle East can get on with the business of peaceful co-existence and mutual respect.

Fear Factor: ‘If Palestinians Get a State, Israelis May Get a Trial at the Hague’

Nothing quite as prone to stir up AIPAC to stir up Congress  to fight tooth and nail against Palestinians like the amazingly ridiculous claim that if Palestinians get Statehood Israelis may face trial.

According to the statute of the court, the direct or indirect transfer of an occupier’s population into occupied territory constitutes a war crime.

Well isn’t that interesting! That’s nothing less than an admission that Israel is ‘occupier’ and that they have unjustly uprooted the population of the land. Else why even fear the possibility of trial for war crimes? It’s as if they’ve confessed “we’re guilty of war crimes and we don’t want the Palestinians to have the legal grounds to prosecute us for it”.

Recognition of a Palestinian state could, in theory, lead to Israeli officials being dragged repeatedly before the International Criminal Court in the Hague for claims regarding its settlement policies in the West Bank, legal experts say.

In theory? That’s fear mongering at its best. It isn’t based in fact or reality, it’s based in supposition and potential.

Here’s an equally possible scenario which doesn’t necessitate provoking fear: the Palestinians will be so elated and so concentrated on their efforts to build a nation that they won’t have time to pursue dead end suits against old Israelis.

But of course that wouldn’t stir the Zionists to call their congressman, would it.

We Should all Pray that they Are Successful…

Because after 40 years of foot dragging by Israel and the world community, it is the right thing to do and high bloody time to do it.

The Palestinian Authority officially announced Sunday its intention to turn to the United Nations in September in an effort to attain recognition of a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. The announcement came at the conclusion of a meeting of the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah, who urged the world to support the Palestinians in this endeavor.

And if the US vetoes, it will go down in history as one of the worst decisions any US administration has ever made. It would show the US to be not at all interested in the Palestinians and nothing but the toady of Israeli policy. And while that may sit well with the Christian Zionists, it can’t, no, it won’t sit well with the rest of the decent world.

Israel’s Secret Soft War Against Palestine

Israeli Foreign Ministry documents outline instructions to envoys to thwart international recognition of Palestinian state.

Ha’aretz informs us that

Israel has started mobilizing its embassies for the battle against UN recognition of a Palestinian state in September, ordering its diplomats to convey that this would delegitimize Israel and foil any chance for future peace talks.   Envoys are being asked to lobby the highest possible officials in their countries of service, muster support from local Jewish communities, ply the media with articles arguing against recognition and even ask for a call or quick visit from a top Israeli official if they think it would help.

Hopefully none of those pressured (that’s what lobbied means) will bow.

Israeli Intellectuals Want a Palestinian State

Only the loony Christian Zionists don’t.  But no one has ever accused that lot of anything even remotely related to intellectualism.  Indeed, they are anti-intellectual and anti-God.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Israelis standing up for what’s right and necessary.

A group of prominent Israeli intellectuals and artists have come out in favour of creating a Palestinian state based on the 1967 line marking the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem. The 47 signatories include 17 recipients of the Israel Prize, the country’s highest civilian honour. Among them are Shulamit Aloni, the civil rights pioneer, the actress Hannah Marom and Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer. Their statement backs the Palestinian drive for recognition by the United Nations, in the absence of progress in peace talks with Israel. The Israeli government opposes the unilateral initiative. The statement, released on Wednesday, calls for an Israeli pullout from the West Bank. It says, “The complete end of occupation is a fundamental condition for the freedom of both peoples.”

Brilliant.  Good for them.