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At the Knoxville Bijou Bistro, They Kick You Out if You Don’t Hold Their Views

This is big news locally-

The owner of Bistro at the Bijou in downtown Knoxville booted state Sen. Stacey Campfield from her restaurant Sunday over his controversial comments on homosexuality and the origin of AIDS. The sign in front of the Bistro on Monday read, “Today’s Special: Fried Chicken. Crispy Chicken Livers. No Stacey.”

I’m sorry but if she had booted a black man just because he was black, or a gay woman just because she was gay, she would be rightly pilloried. I don’t agree with Campfield’s ignorance and I find him deplorable. But he’s entitled to his views and I’m disgusted with this Bistro owner. Were I previously inclined to eat there I would be disinclined to do so now.

Restaurant owner Martha Boggs didn’t take kindly to Campfield’s XM radio claims. “It was a spur of the moment decision to ask Mr. Campfield to leave, which he graciously did,” she said on Monday. “I just think his comments have gone from controversial to plain dangerous to give out the kind of misinformation that he has. And I thought it was important to show my support for the gay community and stand up to a bully, which he is,” Boggs said. “I just hope Mr. Campfield will re-think some of the comments he’s made.” “I am not sorry for what I did,” she added. “I just didn’t want to serve him.”

So, Miss Boggs, you’re a bigot. Good to know.  And it’s good to know that you only serve people who hold your views.  That’s bias in the extreme.  And that’s depraved.

It’s A Shame Knoxville Elected Such an Ignorant Buffoon

But they did. One Stacey Campfield, who is without excuse when he suggests what he does in a recent radio interview.  He’s right when he says

“I’m not a historian on AIDS,” he said in an interview Friday.

Then don’t pretend to be.  Hold your views, represent your constituents, but don’t speak when you shouldn’t on medical topics- because when you do, you prove yourself to be a buffoon, a dilettante.  The fact that he continues

“But I’ve read and seen what other people have read and seen and those facts are out there.”

He proves he’s a dilettante.  Why is it that politicians think they’re qualified to be medical doctors or theologians or anything but what they are: pandering vote-hunters willing to toss red meat to their ravenous minions.  If you’re an expert in a field, have at.  If you aren’t, shut up.

On the origin of AIDS, Campfield told Signorile at one point, “It was one guy screwing a monkey, if I recall correctly, and then having sex with men It was an airline pilot, I believe, if I recall correctly.”

What. An. Idiot.  Has he read anything reliable?  Any real medical research?  And, to me most importantly, what about all the innocent little children and adults who have AIDS because of blood transfusions or women whose husbands are profligate Ted Haggard-ians and have brought HIV home?   Does he demonize them as well?

Good grief.  I just hate stupidity.  Especially when it spews from people who should know better than to spew it.