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Shame on You, Southwestern Seminary

Cancelling tenure.  Shame on you.  You should have more regard for your dedicated Profs than that.

Update (April 10): Baptist Press reports that trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, have unanimously voted to revise the school’s tenure program—in order to “cease future extension of tenure.”

The debate over whether or not seminary professors should be granted tenure has been ongoing, and CT offered experts the chance to weigh in on the issue last November.

Religious studies experts seeking tenure-track positions need not apply—at least, not for many of the new jobs posted online at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL).

According to a joint report released by the organizations, which both aim to advance academic biblical studies, the percentage of available tenure-track positions posted online at their websites decreased by 30 percent between 2008 and 2009. And though a 10 percent gain between 2009 and 2010 suggests a small recovery, the overall shift is away from Bible positions that offer job security.

Idolatry at Southwestern ‘Baptist’ ‘Theological’ ‘Seminary’

I have the words in ‘scare quotes’ in the title of this post intentionally, for SWBTS has – it seems- ceased being Baptist, teaching theology, or being a Seminary at all.  Look at a stained glass window they’ve installed:

Rick Warren in stained glass… At a Baptist school? Are they completely unaware there that Warren is a false teacher? Or do they now simply pander to the mentality of the mega-churchers and so care nothing for whether or not someone is a faithful teacher of the Bible?

What profound absurdity- the exaltation of a heretic. SWBTS, I’m ashamed of you.

Al Mohler and Too Many So Called Southern Baptists Have Abandoned Their SBC Heritage

He’s glaring at you Mohler, he’s glaring at you.

In their quest for power and their marriage to one political party, they have drifted far and wide from their roots as masterfully enunciated by BH Carroll, one of the founders of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Carroll said

The state, a secular body…can never be united to the church, a spiritual body… without  irreparable injury to both.

He said that in 1913.  If he were alive today he would be enraged at the leaders of SWBTS and the other SBC Seminaries which have become little more than training mills for Republican sock puppets.