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Let’s Just Lock the Doors and Call it a Day, Ok SBC Institutions?

Because schools affiliated with the SBC on both the national and state levels are just getting dumber by the day.  From the Fundamentalist destruction of Seminaries in the late 80’s to the dreadful treatment of Profs at Southwestern (who will … Continue reading

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Gosh, Al Mohler, Please, For the Love of God, Shut Up

Evidently Mohler had something to say about the Papal election yesterday: A Southern Baptist seminary president urged evangelicals not to get too caught up in all the excitement surrounding the naming of a new pope.“Evangelical Christians simply cannot accept the … Continue reading

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Does Calvinism Lead to Anti-Mission Sentiments?

No.  In a word.  No.  But there are more words supporting the no here. The accusation that Calvinism leads to antimission sentiments has sometimes been leveled, but as Michael Horton shows in his recent book For Calvin, nothing could be … Continue reading

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The SBC Wants to be More ‘Appealing’…

Messengers (that’s what they’re called) voted yesterday to permit those churches uncomfortable (because it’s all about what makes people feel comfortable) with the label ‘Southern Baptist’ to call themselves ‘Great Commission Baptists’. Oddly, the irony of this name change seems … Continue reading

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The Southern Baptist Convention Was NOT Founded Just to Defend Slavery

True enough, ONE of its founding principles was to counteract the abolitionists in the North; but it has to be said, and it must be said, that the slavery issue was not the only issue at hand and under consideration. … Continue reading

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It’s About Time Richard Land Was Reprimanded. Now He Needs to be Fired

The Raw Story reports Richard Land, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, was officially reprimanded twice on Friday and had his radio show canceled following a series of racial remarks and about Trayvon Martin’s … Continue reading

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Richard Land: Ethicist/Plagiarist?

Richard Land isn’t much of an ethicist if he’s a plagiarist (which it seems that he is). Richard Land, the Southern Baptist Convention’s top public policy ethicist, apologized Monday (April 16) for failing to give proper attribution for material he … Continue reading

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And The Survey Says…

America’s Protestant pastors overwhelmingly reject the theory of evolution and are evenly split on whether the earth is 6,000 years old, according to a survey released Monday by the Southern Baptist Convention.  When asked if “God used evolution to create … Continue reading

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Richard Land: Spouting Off Again

Please don’t measure all Southern Baptists by the lunacy of Land.  He only EVER speaks for himself and he NEVER represents Southern Baptists as a group- as much as he might like to imagine that he does.  So, please, when … Continue reading

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Visiting a Lifeway Store is a Depressing Thing

Lifeway (which used to be known as the Baptist Book Store but which changed its name because it wanted to sell more than it wanted to serve the Church), the publishing arm of the SBC Sunday School Board is one … Continue reading

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The Un-Christian Missionaries

A Metro Nashville Council member is suing the Southern Baptist Convention for $1.5 million. Ron Nollner and his wife, Beverly, filed the lawsuit against the nation’s largest Protestant denomination and related entities last week, according to The Tennessean. The lawsuit … Continue reading

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The Southern Baptist Convention Is Considering a Name Change

So, I’d like to follow suit and consider a name-change for myself so that I, like the SBC, can become more attractive and appealing to the ‘Emergent’ movement (which is, thank God, fading even as I type into the oblivion … Continue reading

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If You’re a Southern Baptist and you Want to Change the Name of the SBC…

It can only mean one thing: you’re ashamed of who you are and what you stand for.  You simply wish to be more ‘pleasing’ to society and people who live to please the world aren’t exactly the sort that should … Continue reading

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No, the SBC is NOT on the Verge of Recognizing Gay Marriage

In spite of anything you may have heard. An elaborate hoax Tuesday claimed that the Southern Baptist Convention was on the verge of formally supporting “gay marriage” and repenting of its stance on homosexuality, and the hoax backed up the … Continue reading

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SBC 2011 Annual Meeting Wrapup

Via Baptist Press, such things as It was the lowest-attended annual meeting in 67 years, with just over 4,800 in attendance, but the substance of the meeting led plenty who attended to argue it shouldn’t be judged on numbers. And … Continue reading

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The President of the Southern Baptist Convention Meets with Homosexual Activists

Baptist Press has a report which includes these interesting bits- A coalition of homosexual leaders and their allies met for more than 30 minutes Tuesday with Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright, with the leaders demanding an apology from the … Continue reading

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Two Resolutions Adopted by the SBC Today in Phoenix

Before we get to them, please know, resolutions are non-binding and neither individual Baptists nor individual SBC churches are bound in any way to either agree or disagree with them.  They are simply the statements of the messengers (delegates) attending … Continue reading

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The SBC is ‘Diverse’ Now?

The theme this year at the Southern Baptist Convention seems to be ‘let’s be diverse’.  I’m not so sure, though, that electing a black man to the First Vice President position is really diversity.  To be sure, lots of tweets … Continue reading

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More from the Annual Meeting of the SBC…

A couple of tweets from overnight demonstrating, to my personal dismay, the ‘cult of personality’ which holds sway at the SBC and in the SBC: Pastors are apparently lining up to have Rick Warren pray for them?  Why?  Are his … Continue reading

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Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not at the SBC in Phoenix

I’m a Southern Baptist and I’m not at all ashamed of the fact. I do, however, find myself ashamed of some of the things that are said and done by Southern Baptists at the annual meeting. Here are some tweets … Continue reading

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