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Jesus, Son of David?

The BBC has a really interesting piece which folk may find as intriguing as I have.  Here’s part of it: Listeners to the More or Less programme on Radio 4 have been challenging me to answer any fiendish question they … Continue reading

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TM Law on the Chronicler’s Take on Solomon

It’s a fine post TM puts together on the Chronicler’s extreme makeover of Solomon. There is no hint of the fraternal conflict that we read about in Kings, no court intrigue involving Bathsheba and Nathan, just that Solomon came to … Continue reading

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Solomon Reconsidered

T. M. Law has an interesting post up on ‘The King of Kings‘ that’s worth a look.  He notes I’ll soon be writing about Jewish and Christian reconceptualisations of the Historical Solomon (though I’m aware many believe Solomon is merely … Continue reading

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David and Solomon: Kings of Controversy

In tandem with the upcoming (Nov 23rd) NOVA special on Solomon’s mines, which was mentioned the other day, National Geographic has published an essay on David and Solomon. Read the essay and decide for yourself whether NatGeo is doing history … Continue reading

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