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More Facebook Targeted Ad Insanity

Facebook doesn’t know me at all.  All the talk these days of ‘invasion of privacy’ by Facebook is proven untenable and easily done so by a glance at their targeted ads.  Here’s the latest gang-

Dawkins?  He’s as important to me as a tick on a dog 23 miles away.  Beck?  The Same.  Obama?  The only reason I would vote for him would be to annoy Netanyahu.  And Dove soap?  No thanks, I’m a Suave user.

No, I will no longer worry that Facebook is stealing my information and selling it to shady characters.  They could never identify me if they had to.

Good Grief Google

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Google Plus has given me more invites to pass out.  Now I have 130.  Please, take them.  Having invites to Google Plus sitting on my account is like having credit at Amazon.com for books – I’ve got to get rid of it!

G+ is still pretty cool (in some respects better than Facebook).  If you haven’t tried it out, just give it a spin.  It won’t kill you.

IMPORTANT Privacy Issue for Facebook Users

Please note the following:

Facebook recently unveiled the most dramatic updates to its privacy settings in a year. Out of all of them, there’s one new feature that you really must turn on as soon as it becomes available to you: profile review.

Here’s how to activate profile review.

1. Click on “account” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then click on “privacy settings.”
2. Next to “how tags work,” click “edit settings.”
3. Within the “how tags work” pop-up, click “edit” next to “profile review.”
4. In the next pop-up, click “turn on profile review.”

Now, whenever you are tagged in a photo or a post, you’ll have to approve it before it appears on in your news feed or your wall.

With thanks to Alastair on the G+ for pointing this out.  I’ve adjusted my settings.  Now, before someone can tag me in an unflattering photo, I’ll have to approve it.