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Slavery Today

Indeed, you did read that right.  Slavery is commonplace today.  As Bullinger points out (in his usual pointed way) I know that the children of this world do mock and scoff at these pleasures and liberty of the faithful believers … Continue reading

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Oh Isn’t That Nice! The Tea People Want us to See Slavery in a Cheerier Light…

I never knew the Ter-ers were such an optimistic, happy, shiny people group!  But they are!  They’re so happy and shiny and optimistic that they think it’s high time that we white folk have a better opinion of the institution … Continue reading

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God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue

Thanks to IVP Academic I’ve got a copy of this to review.  It is a tragic fact of these so called ‘post enlightenment’ times that human slavery in the form of sex trafficking is a reality.  This book is the … Continue reading

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