Condom Church, Detroit

It’s amazing to watch the self-justification exhibited by the Pastor of the Detroit Church which distributes condoms in ‘safe sex’ kits to anyone in the community who wants them.

In the name of the Gospel he attempts to persuade us that aiding and abetting immorality is a good thing.  ‘People are having sex, so we need to make it safe’ is the logic underlying his claims but let’s think about that just for a moment.  By distributing condoms his church is granting permission to whomsoever wishes to commit fornication and adultery (which are, whether he likes it or not, called sins by the Bible and by historic Christianity).   He may think it unhelpful and old fashioned to refuse to bow the knee to our unethical society but immorality destroys far more lives than decency and far more people have STD’s who are promiscuous than those who rightly exercise the gift of sex within the context of a monogamous marriage.

Furthermore, though the reality is that people are promiscuous the Gospel calls us not to affirm evil but to replace it with good.  Enabling evil is itself evil.  The condom church is contributing, as it were, to the delinquency of society.  This is not something to celebrate or laud, it is something to mourn and lament.

In wishing to seem ‘cool’ condom church has violated its own calling to be The Body of Christ which, when joined to a prostitute (or the profligate) ceases to be that and becomes nothing more than a club.  A cool club the immoral will enjoy, to be sure, but not a Church.  Indeed, anything but a church.

It’s great to care for people but it’s a lie to tell people that immorality is acceptable and to aid them in perpetrating immorality.  Churches don’t do that.  Churches worthy of the name lift people from the gutter, they don’t applaud them while they’re wallowing in the filth of the sewer.

What Britain’s NHS is Teaching Children About Sex and Sexuality: It Sure Isn’t Self Respect

This is a bit – no – it’s (that is, the NHS website referenced in the story) a lot more than a bit, it’s completely disturbing and thoroughly inappropriate.

The Mail’s article title – Is it normal to have sex fantasies about dolphins? Bel Mooney delves into the disturbing Q&As on an NHS website for children.

No doubt they are well-meaning people: liberal, well-educated, proud to be open-minded. The men and women who have created Respect Yourself – a new sex education website for teenagers – certainly have a mission to explain.

I’m not so sure they can be well meaning. Our essayist continues

The overall philosophy behind this tacky exercise is as cheap as it is cheerful: when it comes to having sex you can do pretty well what you like, and no one should judge. Having taken the time to read through all the material on Respect Yourself, I was left feeling pretty depressed.

Me too. And the following is completely true:

Once, sensible sex education in school meant learning about where babies come from, and putting an end to the sad ignorance which left some young couples wondering how to face their wedding night. Nowadays, though, sex is peddled as the number one recreation. Never mind the old cycle of falling in love, getting married and having babies: in this brave new world, you try new sexual positions with as much enthusiasm as you follow fashion and football. The new website tries to reassure us that it is ‘by no means encouraging young people to have sex’. Yet I believe the overall tone of the advice does just that.

Indeed- that is precisely what it is doing. And Britain’s taxpayers are funding it- and they will also be funding the babies born and the mental illnesses produced when the website’s ‘advice’ is followed.

And (forgive me, but I need to give you a flavour of this website) bagpiping: ‘The act of having sex with a partner’s armpit.’ It is grotesque stuff. In fact, just about the only thing that isn’t thrown into the mix is any real sense of morality, or the possibility of personal restraint. For example, ‘promiscuous’ is defined as ‘a word we use for someone who sleeps around, having many different partners. It is often used in a negative, judgmental way. However, having sex does not make you a good or bad person.’ So the Respect Yourself team throw up their collective hands in horror at the thought of being ‘judgmental’ about sexual behaviour which can lead to appalling unhappiness, not to mention sexually transmitted diseases.

Give the whole piece a read and shudder at what children are being told about sex, the good gift of God to the married (and to the married only).

Promiscuity Reigns

Mark Easton of the BBC tweets

17% men & 24% women say they’ve had only one sexual partner. 27% men and 13% women say over ten. Average bloke has 9.3 NHS survey finds.

That means that of the people surveyed, 83% of males are promiscuous (having more than one partner) and 76% of women are as well.  Worse still, the promiscuous behavior of many isn’t restricted to two partners.  Alas, the average male has more than 9 different sexual partners.

That’s unfortunate.  No wonder these girls don’t know who the baby-daddy is.  Sadder still the fact that people have reduced themselves to nothing more than depositors and receptacles.  They’ve turned the gift of sex into a mere biological function like urination or defecation.  Which is why they’re able to treat other people like crap.

Bad News for the Promiscuous: Say Hello to the Gonorrhea Superbug

Those outside monogamous relationships may want to beware that a new superbug has arrived on the scene to spoil your indecencies.

Scientists have found the first “superbug” strain of gonorrhea — a discovery they’re calling “both alarming and predictable.”  Found in Japan, the H041 strain is resistant to the class of antibiotics, called cephalosporins, commonly used to treat the STD.  This could “transform a once easily treatable infection into a global public health threat,” reports Reuters.  Gonorrhea has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics for several years now, and the percentage of cephalosporin-resistant gonorrhea cases in the U.S. is on the rise, according to the CDC’s latest Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

At Least Some Recognize the Danger of Oversexualizing Children and Teens

American propaganda poster targeted at World W...

Parents, it’s time to parent. Too many of you just aren’t doing your job. Or this wouldn’t be true:

“The media represents arguably the leading sex educator in America today,” said Dr. Victor Strasburger, the lead author of the paper. “We do such a poor job of educating kids about sex in sex education classes in school, and parents are notoriously shy about talking to kids about sex. The media picks up the slack.” Seventy percent of teen shows contain sexual content, Strasburger added, “and less than 10 percent of that content involves what anyone would classify as being responsible content. There’s no mention of contracting an STD [sexually transmitted disease] or the need to wait to have sex until later.” The United States leads the western world in teen pregnancy rates and American teens have an alarmingly high rate of STDs — one in four children.

What’s the principle cause of teen pregnancy and STD’s? Parents who aren’t involved, who aren’t teaching their children morals, and who are allowing them to do as they please when they please. Parents are letting their children down. And children are paying the price.

[Yes, I know, some parents are doing their job and kids still choose poorly- because they want to. That doesn’t excuse parents from parenting however].