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I remember the day with crystal clarity.  I got up at the usual time and headed down to a nursing home to check on some folk.  On my way back, I had the radio on in the car and there was a news interruption which said that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.  I thought it was a small plane but then the news virtually went wild with a flood of details and speculation.

When I got home I turned on the tv and watched, all day, in absolute horror.

Around 3 that afternoon several of us clerics in town decided we needed to put together a vigil for that evening, so at 6 we all met.

The next weeks were, as you can imagine and probably remember, frazzled and depressing.

The strangest thing about the entire event, though, was that just a couple of months before my family and I had been in New York for a visit.  We’d seen a show on Broadway, ridden the tour bus, had lunch in China Town, done all the usual touristy things in Central Park, and – most surreal-ly- had taken the elevator to the top of the World Trade Center.

I continue to think about being on top of the WTC.  A lot actually.  Probably too much.

In any event, until my mind is mush or my life is over, I don’t think I can, or will, forget that awful day.  My hope is that all those directly affected have some sense of normalcy and my prayer is that the dead have found rest in peace, and peace in rest.

Remembering 9/11 Around the World

NZZ observes

Zum zehnten Jahrestag der Anschläge von 11. September gedenken Menschen in aller Welt der Opfer des Terrors. Am frühen Sonntagmorgen (MESZ) begannen im Pazifikraum erste Gedenkfeiern, bei denen sich Politiker und Angehörige der Toten versammelten. Von Sydney bis New York finden Zeremonien statt, die an die beinahe 3000 Menschen aus mehr als 90 Ländern erinnern sollen, die bei den Anschlägen ums Leben kamen.

The last is an important point which we Americans too often forget- people from over 90 countries died on that horrible day. The world mourned then and remembers now.

Yes, even in Australia and Malaysia, they’re remembering:

Auch in Malaysia und Australien gedachten Familien ihrer Angehörigen, die bei den Anschlägen auf das World Trade Center getötet wurden. In Tokio verharrten Trauernde vor einem Stück Stahl von Ground Zero in Erinnerung an Bankangestellte, die bei den Anschlägen ihr Leben verloren.

9/11 wasn’t simply an attack on America, it was an attack on the world.