In One Sentence Calvin Disembowels the Emergents and the Seeker-Sensitives

Calvin arguing with the first Emergent- Servetus

Because what he writes in that one sentence is the Gospel truth:

None ought to be acknowledged as God’s servants, that no prophets or teachers ought to be counted true and faithful, except those through whom God speaks, who invent nothing themselves, who teach not according to their own fancies, but faithfully deliver what God has committed to them.

The emergents and the seeker-sensitives do both: they invent their own ‘truths’ and they teach according to their own ‘fancies’.  And they certainly do not faithfully deliver what God has committed to the true Church.

The Decline of The Episcopal Church: The Cause Is Easy to Discover

Simply put, the Episcopal Church has, for the most part, become nothing more than a culture accommodating country club occupied by  persons more concerned with following the latest fad than following Christ.

Washington’s new Episcopal bishop is candid about the church’s decline, but won’t acknowledge the cause. … Mariann Budde, the first woman to be installed as Washington’s top bishop (another briefly led on an interim basis), comes to the diocese acknowledging years of decline and a culture of Episcopalians who, she told the Washington Post, have lost focus on the core missions of worship and evangelizing. Statistics released in October by the U.S.-based church reveal it has lost over 40 percent of its churchgoers since the mid-1960s. Budde replaces John Bryson Chane, who famously said he was “so sick and tired of reading reports about the statistical decline of The Episcopal Church” that he no longer reads them. In selecting a replacement, the diocese sought a candidate who did not fatigue as quickly.


Professing to be “thrilled” to be in D.C., where same-gender marriage is legal, Budde told the Washington Examiner: “I’m pretty confident that the gospel is clear on this in terms of our accepting people as we are created by God to be and not asking people to change to conform to some uniform standard of human expression.”

Ugh. At least the article intelligently observes-

So we can forget about presenting people with a transforming encounter with the living God; Christianity is about “a spiritual basis of life” that is focused strictly upon acceptance. Never mind that churches which elevate this teaching are those experiencing the most rapid declines.

And rightly. May the tribe of the accomodationists wither and evaporate.  And the ‘seeker sensitive’ and ’emergent’ right along with them with their bastardized pseudo-theology and simpering self-centered-ness.