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Thelma and Louise: The Saudi Version

Via Giorgio Girardet on FB-

The World’s Worst

Violators of religious freedom that is. Here are the highlights-

– In Egypt, the transitional government has failed to protect religious minorities, especially Coptic Christians, from violent attacks at a time when minority communities have been increasingly vulnerable.

– “These governments too often stand idly by in the face of violent attacks against religious minorities and dissenting members of majority faiths.”

– Iran and China remain gross abusers of human rights and among the world’s worst religious freedom violators. Iran continues to detain, torture, and execute its citizens, and in the past year, Baha’is, Christians, and Sufi Muslims have been subjected to intensified attacks, harassment, detention, and imprisonment.

– In China — the only CPC designee with a seat on the United Nations Security Council – conditions for Tibetan Buddhists and Uighur Muslims are the worst in decades and in the past year, Beijing has stepped up its crackdown on Protestants and Catholics. Dozens of unregistered Catholic clergy, for example, remain in detention or have disappeared.

– The Report highlights the mistreatment of Ahmadis, Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, Buddhists in Vietnam and China, and Baha’is in Iran and Egypt. The report repeatedly notes the brutal assaults endured by Christians seeking to practice their faith peacefully. Muslims, too, suffer in Islamic countries such as Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan, and non-Muslim nations like Russia and Burma. The Annual Report also calls attention to the promotion of anti-Semitic bigotry in countries as diverse as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

– The following countries are on the 2012 Watch List: Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Laos, Russia, Somalia, and Venezuela.

And some silly people think that there isn’t a war on faith.  Obviously such persons never read.

More Islamic Hatred of Christianity

Our ‘good friends’ the Saudis have a leading and influential voice calling for all churches in the Gulf states to be destroyed.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has said it is “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region,” following Kuwait’s moves to ban their construction.  Speaking to a delegation in Kuwait, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, stressed that since the tiny Gulf state was a part of the Arabian Peninsula, it was necessary to destroy all of the churches in the country, Arabic media have reported.  Saudi Arabia’s top cleric made the comment in view of an age-old rule that only Islam can be practiced in the region.

Imagine what would happen if some important American cleric declared that all mosques in the country be destroyed… oh the (rightful) outrage that would descend from every corner.  Yet let a Saudi Sheikh say that churches should be destroyed and all of Islam is silent.  That says everything about the ‘religion of peace’ that needs to be said.  (HT George Athas on FB).

What’s A Nicki Minaj? Apparently It’s A Blasphemous Tart

After Nicki Minaj’s provocative performance at this year’s Grammys, it seemed like only a matter of time before the star found herself in the cross-hairs of the Catholic League.  Minaj showed up on the red carpet with a man dressed like the Pope and, when she took the stage, she levitated, spoke in tongues and acted possessed.   Sure enough, the Catholic League fired out a scathing press release Monday titled “Is Nicki Minaj Possessed?”

“Whether Minaj is possessed is surely an open question, but what is not in doubt is the irresponsibility of The Recording Academy,” Catholic League President Bill Donohue said in the release. “Never would they allow an artist to insult Judaism or Islam.”  “It’s bad enough that Catholics have to fight for their rights vis-a-vis a hostile administration in Washington without also having to fend off attacks in the entertainment industry,” Donohue continued. “The net effect, however, will only embolden Catholics, as well as their friends in other faith communities.”

Our Catholic League friends are right.  And in fact, I would dearly love to see Minaj visit Iraq or Saudi Arabia and perform a ‘show’ treating Mohammed with the same contempt with which she treated the Catholics.  I think she should go do it.  Right away.  But of course she won’t.  It’s not religion she hates, it’s Christianity.

As to the entertainment industry- well it’s awash in depravity anyway and nothing can be expected of it but depraved behavior.  It shows what it is: it airs trash because it is trash.

An Open Letter to the Congress and The White House

Sirs (and Madams),

I went to the gym this morning, as is my custom.  When I returned home at 6:30 I observed that the local gas station I frequent was selling unleaded petrol for $3.06 a gallon.  Down, actually, a few cents from last week.

I had some errands to run a bit later this morning so when I returned I noticed that the same gas station was now charging a jaw dropping $3.19 per gallon.  That, in case math isn’t your strong suit, is a whopping .13 cent increase in just a matter of 2 hours.

I want to take a moment, then, to ‘thank’ you for seeing to it that America has a sensible domestic energy policy which frees us from our utter dependency on the whims of Iranian threats, Iraqi disruptions, Libyan uprisings, and Saudi mouth kissings.

I, frankly, don’t fault the Iranians for their mindless and idiotic blusterings.   Nor do I blame the Libyans seeking freedom or the Iraqi schismatics who are so driven by maniacal religious hatred that they can’t get along for more than a day without the fist of a tyrant crushing them into submission.  I don’t even blame the Saudis (even though most of the 9/11 terrorists came from there).

I blame you.  Your shortsightedness and apparent ignorance coupled with a grotesque subservience to the oil industry and oil trading speculators is the cause.  You are the cause of the oppression of the poor who are affected by every 10 cent rise per gallon in a way that you neither appreciate nor understand.  How could you?  You live in wealth and probably haven’t filled up your own gas tanks in decades.

God willing (and I pray daily that he is), you will, one and all, lose your jobs and your lobbyists will lose their influence and you will be reduced to the straits to which you have so glibly and disgustingly reduced most Americans.

May God bless America.  By removing all of you from office this election.

Yours, with more disgust than you can fathom,


‘She’s a Witch! Burn Her…!!!’

I hope your mind flashed right to the scene in the Monty Python film where the ridiculous mob calls for the witch to be burned which they themselves have made a witch by dressing her as a caricature of a witch. In case you aren’t familiar with it-

Now that you’re up to speed I’ll get to the point of the post: over in Saudi Arabia they executed a woman the other day because she was accused of being a witch. It’s not a joke or a skit or even mockery of the kind of nonsense so rightly on display in the quest for the Holy Grail. In Saudi Arabia the evidently believe there are witches and they chop their heads off.

And this is the intolerant country that won’t let women drive but that we are so dependent on we look the other way even though we can clearly see their horrific human rights violations. Our former President famously held hands and walked a quiet little path with their King. All because our thirst for foreign oil has robbed us of our senses and dignity.

A Saudi woman was beheaded after being convicted of practicing “witchcraft and sorcery,” according to the Saudi Interior Ministry, at least the second such execution for sorcery this year. The woman, Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar, was executed in the northern Saudi province of al-Jawf on Monday. A source close to the Saudi religious police told Arab newspaper al Hayat that authorities who searched Nassar’s home found a book about witchcraft, 35 veils and glass bottles full of “an unknown liquid used for sorcery” among her possessions. According to reports, authorities said Nassar claimed to be a healer and would sell a veil and three bottles for 1500 riyals, or about $400.

She sounds like she did the same kind of thing our worthless deceptive pentebabbleist televangelists do- except they sell anointing oil and holy water along with handkerchiefs they’ve ‘prayed over’. And we don’t execute them.

Saudi Arabia- the world’s richest redneck land.

China May Not Need Saudi Oil Soon


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Share Your Faith, Get in Trouble…

No not in Israel (with its laws against proselytizing) or Saudi Arabia or China- but in the good old United Kingdom

A Christian doctor is still trying to clear his name after a complaint was made against him for speaking about his faith with a patient.  Dr Richard Scott, 51, was in Manchester yesterday for a disciplinary hearing into comments he made to a patient during a one-to-one consultation at the Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate, Kent, in August 2010.  The complaint was made by the mother of the 24-year-old patient after he told her that Dr Scott had suggested the Christian faith could help him.

What political-correctness ridiculousness.  Trying to offer help is against the law?

Oil or Israel: Which Will America Choose…

Saudi Arabia is warning the United States that if it vetoes a Palestinian State at the UN it will lose an ally.  Which will America choose?  Blind allegiance to Israel, an ally that barely acts like an ally, or Saudi Arabia, that oil rich country which was the homeland of most of the 9/11 terrorists?  Oil or Christian Zionists.  Energy or Israeli good will?

The United States must support the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations this month or risk losing the little credibility it has in the Arab world. If it does not, American influence will decline further, Israeli security will be undermined and Iran will be empowered, increasing the chances of another war in the region.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia would no longer be able to cooperate with America in the same way it historically has. With most of the Arab world in upheaval, the “special relationship” between Saudi Arabia and the United States would increasingly be seen as toxic by the vast majority of Arabs and Muslims, who demand justice for the Palestinian people.

Frankly the US should have been more supportive of Palestinian statehood from the very start.  It’s only Government’s indecisiveness and weakness which has brought us to the point of having to choose- oil or Israel.

And we should choose neither.  Rather, we should choose to support freedom and dignity for all from the platform of energy independence.  But our policy makers are too dim to realize that, which explains why we are where we are.

That’s Sure to Deter

Saudi authorities have beheaded a man convicted of attacking a woman and snapping nude photos of her in order to blackmail her for sex.  A Saudi Interior Ministry statement carried in national papers Saturday says the man broke into the woman’s apartment and attacked her husband before turning on the woman. It was not clear when the attack took place.

No comment.

The statement says the assailant, who was not identified, was beheaded with a single sword stroke Friday.

No Comment.

Saudi Arabia follows a strict interpretation of Islam under which people convicted of murder, drug trafficking, rape and armed robbery can be executed — usually with a sword.

No wonder Saudi Arabia has a lower crime rate than the U.S.  And no wonder so many Americans are afraid of a ‘Muslim takeover’ of the country.  10 percent or more of the population would have an unpleasant day. I suspect if we beheaded drug dealers there’d be a lot less of a problem here with the sale of illegal drugs.

The Saudi Version of the War on Drugs


Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy that follows an austere version of Sunni Islam. The kingdom puts drug traffickers, as well as murderers and rapists, to death by public beheading and the authorities regularly report executions of Asian and African nationals convicted of drug smuggling.

Public beheadings of drug traffickers.  I’d say that would do it.   Yes, upon further consideration it seems fair to say that if America hacked off the heads of drug dealers there would be a lot fewer willing to do it.

How Many Minutes Will it Be Before Oil Shoots up Due to ‘Fear of Unrest’?

I’m guessing two or three

Saudi forces have reportedly arrived in Bahrain to reinforce its police, who clashed with protesters yesterday in an escalation of the month-long Shiite-led protests calling for democratic reform.  The Saudi forces are there on behalf of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the regional organization of which Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are both members. Their intervention underlines Saudi Arabia’s deep worry over the unrest on its border, but it’s likely only to harden the stance of the protesters, who have been unsatisfied by the government’s response to their demands.

And so it goes…

Your Daily Bit of Irony

Flag of the Organization of Petroleum Exportin...

Oh Please, Excess is Cool!

Oil prices tumbled 3 percent Thursday, as economists warned that the recent surge in fuel prices will eventually hurt the fragile economic recovery.

So far fuel prices haven’t slowed consumption, but economist Michael Lynch said drivers and businesses may start cutting back, if oil remains above the $100 per barrel level. The jump in oil has already pushed the average price of gasoline up by 46 cents a gallon this year, just as some workers who were laid off during the recession return to a daily commute.

“We’re past the point of, ‘Oh, it’s only going to be up for a few days,'” Lynch said. “I think people are already starting to change their behavior, and they’re modifying their vacation plans as we get closer to the summer.”

…    The oil industry has tried to ease concerns recently, saying the rise in prices was mostly due to speculation and there’s still plenty of crude to meet world demand. But investors continue to worry about future supplies. Although Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members have said they will cover any shortfall from Libya, the wave of unrest in North Africa and the Middle East will make it harder to crank up production if another crisis affects shipments elsewhere, traders said.

At the pump, retail gasoline prices added less than a penny on Thursday, rising to s national average of $3.529 per gallon, according to AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. A gallon of regular is 41.2 cents more expensive than last month and 76.1 cents higher than the same time last year.

The irony?  Speculation drives prices more than reality does.  That’s your daily bit of irony, brought to you by the eco-concious folk at BP.

And Now in Saudi Arabia…

The Associated Press reports

More than 100 leading Saudi academics and activists urged King Abdullah to enact sweeping reforms, including setting up a constitutional monarchy, and he ordered Sunday that government sector workers with temporary contracts be given permanent jobs in order to pre-empt that has engulfed other Arab nations.  The activists’ statement, seen on several Saudi websites Sunday, reflects the undercurrent of tension that has simmered for years in the world’s largest oil producer. While Abdullah is seen as a reformer, the pace of those reforms has been slow as Saudi officials balance the need to push the country forward with the perennial pressure from hard-line clergy in the conservative nation.

Oh what fun it is to ride on the petrol-dependent sleigh…

Texas and the Saudi Student Bomb Plot

The Washington Post has just reported-

Saudi student in Texas charged in suspected bombing plot. More details to come.

Great.  He would have to be in Texas, where you can walk into any gas station or hair salon and buy materials for a WMD while the clerk smiles and says ‘God bless America, here’s a gun as a free gift, y’all come back real soon, ya’hear?’

The FBI has arrested a 20-year-old Saudi student in Texas suspected of planning a terrorist attack using explosive chemicals. The FBI says his possible targets included the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.  Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, attending college near Lubbock, Texas, was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Federal prosecutors say he had been researching online how to construct an improvised explosive device using several chemicals as ingredients.  Federal authorities say Aldawsari’s diary indicated the young man had been plotting an attack for years and obtained a scholarship so he could come directly to the United State to carry out jihad.

You Muslims aren’t doing your cause any good by fostering an environment which over and over again seems to attract persons willing to perform acts of violence.  Is it indeed an inherent aspect of Islam?  And if not, why isn’t there a huge hue and cry against it?  I mean why aren’t sensible Muslims organizing marches against violence?  Where’s the Million Men against Violence March to Washington?

UPDATE: Here’s the Saudi’s smug and self satisfied mug shot.  He looks as pleased with himself as the killer who shot Rep. Giffords and the others in Tuscon.