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Ann Coulter is the Worst Person in America

She’s worse than Rush Limbaugh.  She’s worse than Karl Rove.  She’s even worse than Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  She’s worse than any person that has lived on the planet since Judas Iscariot.  She’s vile and perverse and wicked … Continue reading

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All Those Oxycontin Rush Abused Have Destroyed What Little Brain he Had

He is such a simpleton.  Truly.  So what sort of person could ‘follow’ him and maintain any sense of self respect? Rush Limbaugh, while repeatedly insisting he is “not alleging a conspiracy,” suggested Monday that the National Hurricane Center’s forecast … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Know Rush Limbaugh Had a Brother…

But this guy must be. As reported by Towleroad, a Cleveland radio personality–Dominic Dieter of WMMS 100.7’s show Rover’s Morning Glory–told the father of a possibly lesbian girl to have his daughter raped by a man until she’s straight. The … Continue reading

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Fox News and their New ‘Witness’ To Trayvon Martin’s Attack of Zimmerman…

I don’t believe Fox for half a second and if some ‘witness’ is coming forward via the police report, now, nearly a month after the fact you have to wonder 1) why it took so long for the inept cops … Continue reading

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And Then There Were 141

Newser reports The Limbaugh advertising stampede is now officially an exodus. What was “only” 45 companies listed last week has expanded into a mass migration of 141 advertisers, according to an internal Premiere Radio Networks memo obtained by the Traffic Directors Guild of … Continue reading

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Rush, Take an Aspirin

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Rush Limbaugh is a Pill Popping Sex Tourist

Al Jazeera has a perfectly scathing, perfectly phrased, perfectly accurate expose of the pill popping perv- Rush Limbaugh’s recent meltdown – his three-day sex-crazed rant/attack against Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, whose congressional testimony made no mention of her own sex life – has … Continue reading

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