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Why Do Politicians Like to Misrepresent the Facts So Much?

NPR reports on the constant chorus of Republican Congressmen who insistently whine that small business owners are opposed to a surtax.  The problem is that such persons as the Repubs claim exist don’t appear to be real at all. Ever … Continue reading

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More Political Hypocrisy: Drunken Curry with a Gun

Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd, a lead sponsor of a law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring guns into bars,was arrested on charges of drunk driving and possession of a gun while under the influence.  Police say in court … Continue reading

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But What of Those Only Concerned for the Rich?

There is a noticeably more aggressive, confrontational President Obama roaming the country these days, selling his jobs plan and attacking Republicans for standing in the way of progress by standing up only for the rich. Republicans, it seems, aren’t the … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Duplicity and Ignorance Incarnate

Sometimes we imagine that there’s something out there called ‘duplicity’ and something else called ‘ignorance’ and we like to pretend that they are just occasional interlopers. But we’re wrong.  Duplicity and ignorance aren’t just things- they are realities and they … Continue reading

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Things Are Worse For Perry Than We Thought…

CNN emails (and note the bold) Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign was dealt a worrying blow Saturday when he finished a distant second to businessman Herman Cain in a closely watched straw poll in Florida. Cain won 37% of … Continue reading

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Frank Schaeffer… He’s Not his Father’s Son

[W]hen the family business is religion, it is especially perilous. That is one of the central laments, anyway, of “Sex, Mom, & God,” a new memoir by Frank Schaeffer. To secular Americans, the name Frank Schaeffer means nothing. But to … Continue reading

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The Republicans in Congress Are Intentionally Destroying the Economy

Just so they can elect (they hope) a Repub to the White House.  But what they must not realize is that the contempt of the people of America will be aimed directly at them.  They aren’t destroying the economy to … Continue reading

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All Hale President Bachmann

The HuffPo says of the straw thing in Iowa Michele Bachmann appears to have blown the doors off this thing, with reports of at least 6,000 votes. Ron Paul aides tell me they passed out 4,700 or 4,800 tickets. And … Continue reading

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Good – Gridlock Ensured and The Economy Soon to be Completely Decimated

Thanks Congress.  This is the best thing that could ever happen to the Democratic party, and the Republicans don’t have the foresight or sense to see it. In a move that could deadlock the 12-member panel over taxes, but perhaps … Continue reading

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Cowardly Politicians

Utterly unsurprising, Congress folk who have gone home to raise funds for themselves (that’s what they’re always doing) aren’t at all interested in facing the music for their incompetence. The town hall season is upon us and members of congress … Continue reading

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Remind Me, Why is Rick Warren Respected?

First, what he said: Is Mr Warren unaware that the Gospel’s teachings take precedence over Republican economics?  Is he unaware that Scripture adjures us to care for the poor instead of maligning them because they don’t pay taxes to a … Continue reading

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John Boehner is Beholding to a Drug Addict

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) outlined the GOP’s debt-ceiling plan to conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh on Monday before showing it to his conference. On Monday during his radio program, Limbaugh talked about the call he received from Boehner. Limbaugh’s support of … Continue reading

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Donating to Newt’s Campaign?

Well half the money he’s spending, he’s spending on private jets. Oh, how the mighty have flown.  At least that’s what the accounting suggests. Just barely into the 2012 election season, Newt Gingrich’s campaign has reported $1 million of debt, … Continue reading

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Fantastic News!!!!!!!!!

Joel Watts (appears to be) moving to Canada!!!  Do you know what this means?????  It means he can never be #1 on the Alexa rankings (because those are the only rankings that even matter to anyone with at least half … Continue reading

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Michael’s Miffed

As I said previously, I didn’t watch the Republicans talk about whether they liked an iPhone or a Blackberry better.  But Michael did.  And he didn’t like what he heard. I am furious!  I appreciate that the national platform of … Continue reading

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I’m Not Watching the Republican Debate

Because I don’t want my bp to shoot up.  But CNN is tweeting it and some of the moronic questions that the ‘debaters’ are being asked have to be the stupidest, the most idiotic, and the most pointless ever.  Get … Continue reading

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Newt’s Own People Can’t Stand Newt

Fomer House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign imploded Thursday afternoon with virtually his entire senior staff leaving en masse, according to multiple sources familiar with the moves. “When the campaign and the candidate disagree on the path, they’ve got to … Continue reading

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Total Depravity Illustrated: John ‘the Greedy’ Boehner

When John Boehner rose from Minority Leader to Speaker in January, he not only expanded his staff and his paycheck, he more than doubled the expense-account check he cashes each month.  As Minority Leader, the Ohio Republican had received a … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Support Rick Santorum

Miley Cyrus has criticized him…  and he has fired back…  Actually that’s two reasons isn’t it.  Miley the Disney product gone wild doesn’t like him so he has to have some great qualities.  And he bothered to respond to her. … Continue reading

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Republicans: Playing the ‘God Card’, Again

Republican contenders for the 2012 presidential nomination are making a concerted bid to woo Christian conservatives as the movement recovers popularity lost in a series of scandals. Voting for someone because they call themselves a Christian is like voting for … Continue reading

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