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Discrimination Against Christians in Britain

Former church, now a Bed and Breakfast, at Bee...

Britain: Turning Churches into B&B's

The Telegraph has a pretty interesting report today on various cases in Britain where Christians have been fired from their job and are claiming that the reason is anti-Christian bias.  For instance-

– Gary McFarlane, a 48 year-old Relate counsellor from Bristol, was sacked after refusing to work with same-sex couples.

– A Christian bed and breakfast owner was threatened with legal action for turning away a homosexual couple in March 2010.

– Dr Sheila Matthews, a Christian doctor, was told she would be removed from a council’s adoption panel because she refuses to recommend cases involving homosexual couples.

– A Christian nurse lost her case of religious discrimination against the hospital trust that employed her. Shirley Chaplin, a 54-year-old grandmother, was taken off wards and moved to a desk job after refusing to remove the crucifix that hangs around her neck.

Read the details in the report.  It can’t be argued that a climate of hostility to a Christian ethic doesn’t prevail in Great Britain.  If other groups were told to conform or regret it, one can hardly doubt that there would be more pushback.  But Christians are the only minority (and they really are a minority in spite of claims to the contrary- since true Christians and not just adherents of ‘Christendom’ are few in number) that it’s still ok to denigrate.

As goes Britain, so go the States (eventually).