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Honestly, If You Need ‘Emergency Access’ To Wikipedia, There’s Something Wrong With You

First, let me hasten to say that this has NOTHING to do with James’ post other than that it springs from his title.  I’m all for people protesting whatever they want to as long as their protests are appropriate.  I.e., as long as their protests are for the benefit of others.

After all, Jesus protested the practices of extortion in the Temple by driving the greedy out.  Good for him.  Most protesters these days though only protest when they have some financial interest involved.  Seldom, rarely indeed, will you find anyone protesting purely on behalf of others.

Occupy isn’t protesting for others, those folk are protesting for themselves- so they can have more stuff.  And the folk protesting SOPA (Craigslist, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google) are doing it because they want to keep being able to sell advertising space on their sites or earning income from their sites.  Exactly, by the way, for the same reason that the proponents of SOPA are pushing for it to pass.  They have money to make and they don’t want their movies and music pirated (and frankly I don’t blame them.  When you steal content, you steal someone’s intellectual property- you are a despicable plagiarist).

But to return to the point- honest to goodness people stop acting like the world has come to an end because you have to get up off your lazy butts and go to an actual library if you need to look up a reference.  Good grief, how disgustingly lazy have people become?

Furthermore, there are other, and better, and far more accurate sources online than Wikipedia or Reddit (I don’t even know what that one is) or Boing Boing (again, I’ve never heard of it).

Get over yourselves ya lazy gits!  Stop acting like if one site goes down the Mayans are right.  There are lots of sites that ought to go down now and forever (and the porn ones just top the list).  If wikipedia’s darkness is a crisis for you, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

So, to make you feel better (you bloody, feckless, dimwitted sots), here’s an award that you most certainly deserve: