Shacking Up Has It’s Price

And it’s evidently very high-  at least for one promiscuous lass

Caroline Barrett, who “lived in sin” with her boyfriend, has lost out on a share of her Catholic grandmother’s £220,000 fortune – after a judge ruled that her elderly relative disapproved of cohabitation before marriage.


Mrs Barrett, 28, was taken to the High Court by her aunts and uncles, who claimed that her religious grandmother objected to the young woman’s lifestyle. Irish-born Bridget Gabrielle Murray had included Mrs Barrett in her will drawn up months before she died aged 87 in July 2010. But the matriarch’s sons, David and John Murray, and daughter Catherine Turk, said it was a “mistake” and took the dispute to the High Court for a judge to “rectify”. Judge Robert Miles QC accepted that the elderly woman’s attitudes may have been “capricious” but ruled that she would not have knowingly left money to an unmarried relative.

Best check with your rich relatives before you decide to shack up. Shacking up carries a cost (and not just spiritually).

Promiscuity Reigns

Mark Easton of the BBC tweets

17% men & 24% women say they’ve had only one sexual partner. 27% men and 13% women say over ten. Average bloke has 9.3 NHS survey finds.

That means that of the people surveyed, 83% of males are promiscuous (having more than one partner) and 76% of women are as well.  Worse still, the promiscuous behavior of many isn’t restricted to two partners.  Alas, the average male has more than 9 different sexual partners.

That’s unfortunate.  No wonder these girls don’t know who the baby-daddy is.  Sadder still the fact that people have reduced themselves to nothing more than depositors and receptacles.  They’ve turned the gift of sex into a mere biological function like urination or defecation.  Which is why they’re able to treat other people like crap.

These Promiscuous Days

The Telegraph informs us that 33% of people working in offices have had an affair with a co-worker.  The world (that system which lives its life in opposition to the will and purpose of God) may have no problem with this, but authentic Christians certainly should.

A third of office workers have had a workplace affair with employees aged between 35 and 44 are far more likely to engage in dangerous liaisons than their younger colleagues. A survey of 2,000 white-collar office professionals in the fields of IT, Finance, Law, Marketing/Advertising and Management commissioned by Sony found one third of all those surveyed admitted to having an intimate relationship in the workplace. Bad behaviour at work is now far more prevalent among senior members of staff than younger workers, with 35 and 44 years-olds more than five times more likely to have been fired for having a romantic liaison at work than 18 to 24 year-olds.

How sad. And how tragic that many Christian people are involved in precisely that same kind of behavior and are thereby denying their baptismal promise to live for Christ, bringing shame on their families and their Churches, and worst of all, bringing disrepute on the name of God. They would rather live for the pleasure of the moment then as disciples of Christ. And that’s the very definition of depravity.

Teen Promiscuity Results in Higher Divorce Rates

According to the a study conducted by the University of Iowa, women who lost their virginity in their young teens are more likely to divorce.  The study, published in the Journal of Marriage and Family, surveyed the responses of 3,793 women and found that 31 percent who lost their virginity as teens divorced within five years, and 47 percent divorced within 10 years. On the flip side, the divorce rate for women who had waited to have sex was only 15 percent at the five year mark, and 27 percent by the time 10 years rolled around.  But the study also found that a first sexual experience before the age of 16 — wanted or not — was still strongly associated with divorce.

It’s perfectly reasonable to presume that promiscuous teens will be promiscuous adults.  It’s, further, perfectly sensible to presume that those who don’t value marriage or monogamy before being wed will not afterwards either.

There are serious consequences for the promiscuous that they too often simply disregard.  To their own harm and heartache.