Who Are the Straight Men Who Support Gay Marriage?

The ones, evidently, who watch pornographic movies.

New research published in the peer-reviewed academic journal Communication Research found that watching pornography, at least among straight men, links to supporting same-sex marriage rights.  “Our study suggests that the more heterosexual men, especially less educated heterosexual men, watch pornography, the more supportive they become of same-sex marriage,” Indiana University assistant professor Paul Wright told the Washington Examiner. Wright co-authored the study with Ashley Randall, a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Arizona.  The Boston Globe reports that the study found men who had viewed more porn in 2008 were more likely to support same-sex marriage in 2010.  Specifically, the study abstract said, “Support for same-sex marriage did not prospectively predict pornography consumption, but pornography consumption did prospectively predict support for same-sex marriage. Education was also positively associated with support for same-sex marriage.”

Well there ya go… Persons perverted by the dysfunction wrought by pornography are more willing to embrace ‘deviant’ behavior.  I shall now have just cause to cast a sideways glance at my friends who support gay marriage – thinking to myself “I know what you’ve been watching!”

More Judicial Misconduct: A Child Rapist Goes Free Because the Judge Blames Porn

The parents of a five–year–old girl who was raped by a teenage babysitter have attacked a judge who let the boy walk free after claiming online pornography and society was to blame.

We’re witnessing the death of personal responsibility. No one’s responsible for their actions anymore- it’s either genetics or society but never your decision…. which is just pure ignorant stupidity.

The 14 year–old, who was a family friend and neighbour, had been asked to look after the girl. He tied an apron round her face and performed a sex act on her. The girl later told her father that the teenager led her to believe he was going to feed her a chocolate. The victim’s mother, who said her daugher “knows what happened was something horrible”, has now criticised the judge for “making a cheap point about pornography” in sentencing. She believes the sentence “just isn’t enough”, adding it sent the “wrong message to people – that you can do something like that a get such a light punishment”. “The judge was more concerned with justifying the sentence by making a cheap point about pornography. It was really cheap to use that as an excuse for what the boy did,” she said.

Porn didn’t molest the girl and neither did society. The wicked teenage pervert did. And he should be held responsible for it.  And the judge should be sacked.

Sick Woman, Or Just A Pervert?

A text sent to a wrong number led to an alleged relationship for an Athens woman charged with the statutory rape of a 16-year-old boy in neighboring Meigs County.  Meigs County Detective Scotty Wiggins says the teen’s mother called the sheriff’s office on August 23 after discovering a sexually explicit text message.  Shannon Burnett, 41, admitted to sending the message and having sex with the teen, according to the detective.

She’s not just a cougar, she’s a reprehensibly disgusting pedophile.  If a 41 year old man had relations with a 16 year old girl everyone would be outraged and disgusted. Turn it around, and lo and behold, there’ll be a lot of wink wink nudge nudge going on.  Oh so wrongly.

I Have Serious, Serious Problems with the Ethics of This

A group of friends and family is obscenely rich after winning a nearly $129 million jackpot with a lottery ticket bought at a Detroit-area porn shop. And some of the money will be devoted to sacred purposes. Mike Greer, a member of the group, came forward Friday to claim the Powerball winnings on behalf of the others, who chose to remain anonymous. Greer — who said only that the group has more than two members and fewer than 100 — indicated some of the riches will be going to a church. “The only thing I can assume is that the Lord trusted us to do certain things with the money that He bestowed upon us,” he said. “That’s the only thing that I can gather.”

First- which of your faithful church members frequents a porn shop and while there buys lottery tickets?

Second- gambling proceeds are what we call ‘ill gotten gains’. Money illicitly received or the fruit of evil acts (which gambling is- as it exhibits a reliance for sustenance or substance from a source other than God (through honest work and labor)) has no business being in Christian’s hands.

And Third, why would your church accept such funds purchased by persons willing to sin? The ends do NOT justify the means.

I have serious problems with the ethics of the persons involved in this episode. And if the Church accepts the money (the fruit of evil) I’ll have serious problems with that too. Even the Chief Priests rejected Judas’s donation.

Wired for Intimacy- How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain

Adrianna Wright of IVP generously sent a copy of William Struthers’ very new book titled Wired For Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain.  I mentioned this volume previously and am truly pleased to be able to review it.  Furthermore, I think it is a terribly important topic and one, again, that the Church needs to face squarely.

Let me begin at the ending, for the volume contains a very useful set of web-links which address the problem of porn and porn addiction.  Some of the more useful are:

Wired for Intimacy, New Life Partners, and Pure Online.

Each of these sites address the major issues which concern our present volume, which examines how porn works on the male brain, and authentic masculinity and healthy sexuality. More precisely, Struthers delves into the consequences of viewing pornographic material and the path out of the trap which porn is.

But Struthers’ volume is no simple sermon against the evils of porn. Indeed, he recognizes that

… calls to pray harder, move the computer to the living room and get plugged into an accountability group only go so far’ (p. 15).

Porn is addictive, and S. explains how, and why. In chapter one he discusses society’s saturation with porn and men’s willingness to rationalize and justify their use of it. Chapter two shows how intimacy itself is corrupted by porn.

When pornography is acted upon, sexual technique replaces sexual intimacy… Pornography teaches its students to focus on the physiology of sexual sensations and not on the relationships for which those sensations are intended (p. 55).

He shows quite convincingly that modern males have been led to believe a series of lies about sexuality. For example

Another lie is that the most important thing in life is sexual gratification (p. 57).


Each time a man views pornography he impairs the ability of the Holy Spirit to direct him toward sanctification, and he slips further into depravity… [So that] Sexually acting out in response to pornography creates sexual associations that are stored as hormonal and neurological habits (p. 59).

In chapter three S. turns to the consequences of porn addiction. Chapter four is an in-depth study of the biological realities of porn addiction. By far it’s the most in depth segment of the volume, showing the biological harm done when porn is regularly utilized. And biological harm is not saying it too strongly.

Which leads to the second section of the book- healthy masculinity and sexuality. S. here reminds readers that man has been made in God’s image, masculinity rightly grasped, and the male need for intimacy.

It is here, in the penultimate chapter of the book, that S. tackles one of those pressing questions for so many Christian young men- the subject of masturbation. His treatment of the issue is both sensitive and insightful. He asserts that the question ‘is masturbation a sin’ is a wrong framing of the issue and instead suggests that asking ‘does masturbation lead me toward sanctification’ is more proper. S. next describes the three essential views of masturbation ranging from ‘it’s always sinful’ to ‘it’s your choice’ to ‘discernment is necessary- so follow the Spirit of God’ (pp. 169ff).

In his final chapter S. urges readers to choose a sanctified life. Even if doing so might require serious counseling for porn addiction.

I very much appreciate Struther’s forthrightness. He writes in a pleasant conversational style that’s neither confrontational nor judgmental. His goal clearly seems to be to encourage men to live up to their full potential as the children of God. I also very much appreciate the fact that he discusses such sensitive issues as pornography and masturbation: issues which more and more Christian men wonder about and which they hardly ever discuss because the level of embarrassment associated with them is simply insurmountable. Men, then, can find answers to their questions here without have to blush and stammer and wonder what their pastor or their friend is thinking; questions that so desperately need to be asked, and answered.

I commend this volume to you unreservedly. Get a copy for yourself, or your husband, or your son. Or, if you’re very, very bold, for your bible study group or men’s group. Believe me- they need to read it.